Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Depoting eyeshadows :D

Heyy everyone!!
Having eyeshadows organized in a palette is such a beautiful thing both for a make-up artist or for your own personal collection. I've seen and tried a lot of different methods but I find this one is the most convenient and easy way. so lets get started :D

Heres what you'll need

Eye shadow in pot
Nail file or anything with a flat point
Palette of your choice 
Magnetic tape: can be purchased at dollar stores or craft stores.
Step one.)
Plug in your straightener and set it on a low to medium heat (if thats an option for you). With the lid of your pot open place the eye shadow on your straightener and let sit for about 30 seconds to a minute, so that the glue holding the eyeshadow in starts to heat and loosen. keep a close eye on it and using the pointed tip of the eyeshadow poke the bottom of the pot to push the inner metal pot containing the eyeshadow upwards.
 Step two.)
When you feel the glue is loosened enough use the pointed tip of the nail file around the rim of the metal pot to remove the eyeshadow from the pot, be sure to be gentle and use finesse with this procedure because we don't want the eyeshadow to crack or break. you can also remove the label with the same procedure and place the label on your newly de-potted eyeshadow. Place a piece of magnet tape at the bottom as well and taadaaa a new member to add to the palette. :D 

Continue this procedure with all your desired eyeshadows and arrange them in your palette however your little heart desires.

 To me having all my assortment of colours arranged in my palette reminds me of a painter and thats exactly what a make-up artist is, a painter, with the face as our canvas there are endless opportunities your imagination is the only thing holding you back and thats what I love about this industry.

Big hugzz and happy de-potting 
xoxo Relish ;)

Moisturizers are our friends!!! :D

hydration is key!! especially in the summer! not only for our bodies but our skin as well. The skin is our outer protection and has to deal with all the stress from the elements, UVA/UVB rays, as well as environmental stress's like pollution. moisturizers are a great way to have extra protection from these elements as well as provide moisture under our makeup so our skin doesn't dry out and get flakey, its also a great way to prevent premature wrinkles and with summer finally here (although hear in British Columbia you could hardly notice :( ) you need  extra moisture to protect the sun from drying out your skin and keep your skin looking healthy!
I dont know about you guys but I LOVE to moisturize!! My vanity table crawling with various moisturizers for hands,face,feet  and everything in between.
here are a list of all my favourite moisturizing products. I try a lot of products out however I always seem to come back to these...

First one up...
KISS MY FACE natural moisturizer:  I LOVE this stuff!! its budget friendly and its all natural!! they contain no animal ingredients, no PARABENS! or artificial colors its PH balanced, and 100% biodegradable, check out the rest of there products on there website. The moisturizers have different formulas for different skin types. My favourite is the one that contains Olive oil, i love the consistency its goes on creamy yet doesn't feel greasy a little goes a long way with this stuff!
 This is also my all time favourite moisturizer to mix with foundations to create a tinted moisturizer. Because of it's creamy smooth consistency it goes on like silk, is easy to apply and gives the face a natural, moisturized fresh look. This is definitely one of my favourites.

Baby Oil: Heyyy we all can't disagree that babies have the softest skin so why not use what they use. Baby oil is a great way to keep your skin hydrated and lock in moisture and it can be used so many ways! I always have baby oil on hand. Its great to put on while your in the shower/bath(Or after, whatever tickles your fancy ) to condition, hydrate and lock in moisture. I also use baby oil for many other things like cleaning your makeup brushes or removing make-up!

Vaseline Cocoa Butter: I get the big size of this stuff from wal-mart for like 7$ and it lasts a long time!!! i use it every time I get out of the shower all over my body to keep everything soft, smooth and moisturized :) It also works well as a tanning lotion (if your cheap like me and don't buy the fancy expensive stuff ;) it also works if you've had.. a little to much sun. (I recommend the aloe cucumber vaseline for sunburns it feels great and it so refreshing on your red burning skin lol )
it smells delicious and it keeps your skin well moisturized without being greasy.

O.P.I Peach juice lotion: You usually find this stuff, as well as other O.P.I products at salon's but if your hands crave moisture like mine do you'll be glad you have this. Not only does it smell delicious!! but its a great hand moisturizer that leaves them feeling soft, Not greasy! and smell wonderfully delicious.

The body shop body butter: I usually always have some of this around its one of there popular products and comes in many other delicious fruit combinations just pick one that you like. its a more intense moisture (like butter for your skin) so I usually just use it when my skin really needs a good moisturizing.

M.A.C lip moisturizer: I know there's no picture but if you go to M.A.C you'll see it with there cleansers and such. your lips are very delicate and easily stressed from cold weather and hot sun. I get really dry, chapped lips all the time and i've tried everything!!!! to keep my lips well moisturized and healthy. no product seemed to keep my lips consistently hydrated until I found this stuff and I've never looked back! it goes on so smooth and creamy and it really hydrates and keeps them hydrated! hydrated lips are also important for applying lipstick so it looks like a smooth application as opposed to cracked.

Happy product hunting :D I'm always experimenting and trying out new products and I always seem to come back to these products. I hope they work as great for you and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. It's  just a simple collection to keep everything well moisturized and healthy.

Have fun in the sun!!!
happy hydrating :)