Friday, 15 June 2012

Body Shop must haves!

I have been a huge fan of the body shop since I was a pre teen. I was always asking for body shop products for christmas, birthdays and everything in between. Every mothers day my mother would faithfully recieve a body shop bathroom set, which would mysteriously get picked at as it sat untouched on display in our bathroom..mmhmm I wonder who that could have been ;)That love for thier products hasnt slowed down since. Over the years I have tried many products and have found my perfect combination for skin and body care. Every body shop visit, armed with my body shop card in hand, I stock up on these must haves.

Try stopping in at the Body Shop when they have there
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I love going to the body shop during this sale time, it's a great time to stock up on all your favourites.

Tea Tree Foaming cleanser: 
This product has appeared on my blog many times and here it still stands at the top of the list. I have used many face cleansers from really expensive high end products to drug store bargains, and Iam always going back to this great quality budget friendly favorite. Tea tree, as ive explained many times before, has great antibacterial and antifungal properties to kill bacteria and help clear blemishes. This foaming cleanser feels great while cleansing your skin and your face feels amazingly fresh afterwards. I discovered this skin saver when I was 13 and 9 years later this is my number one must have from the body shop. This product is great for combination and oily skin types. I wouldnt recommend if you have severly dry skin but becuase its a foam it gives a nice gentle clean and may be worth a try.

Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream:
Again, this product has been mentioned on my blog before simply because I LOVE IT! I can still remember how I stumbled across this wonderful moisturizer. My dad had got me the gift set for my 14th birthday. Like most Body Shop products I enjoyed them, but this moisturizer I fell in love with. It wasn't to greasy, it didn't feel heavy on my face, my skin could breath and felt refreshed. All the things I look for in a moisturizer was contained in this magic little container. They have since then redesigned the packaging and changed the formula but it still remains all I look for in a moisturizer, and is still my number 1 budget friendly choice of moisturizer. As stated under the cap, this moisturizer contains Bladderwack Seaweed. Did you know seaweed contains phytonutrients which boosts blood flow making the skin glowing, soft and smooth while repairing damaged skin...yea me to ;) but it does and it definitely shows in this moisturizer. This formula is great for combination and oily skin types because it gives you moisture where you need it and has a matte finish for the oily areas, controlling excess oil and shine. It has a very light refreshing scent which feels cool and calming while applying. Honestly the best part of my skin routine is moisturizing with this cream, your skin feels so light and soft afterwards...amen for seaweed and their phytonutrients.

note: For severely dry skin I wouldn't recommend this moisturizer because it might not be moisturizing enough for your skin, this formula is designed to balance skin.

Coconut Body Butter:
Wow I'm beginning to feel like a broken record here.. Yes I have also mentioned this product on my blog before because, like I promised it is one of my must haves! I religiously use this every day right out of the shower, after being out in the sun to long, in the winter when my skin gets dry, I've even used this as tanning oil. They have many different formulas and scents another favourite being Satsuma, but the Coconut is my all time favourite. Coco Butter, which is the base of all their body butters, Contains many different antioxidants that help battle against free radicals that destroy skin cells and cause premature aging. This product is perfect for keeping skin hydrated and ideal for preventing stretch marks and treating scars.

Strawberry Body Polish:

My shower always contains a bottle of this delicious body polish. It's not a scrub or exfoliator it does both and then some....It cleanses and exfoliates while moisturizing, its magic! This formula contains crushed walnut shells and kiwi seeds which act as a natural, gentle exfoliator. The scent of strawberries is not only delightful but strawberries contain lots of vitamins and antioxidants that nourish and protect skin from those darn free radicals everyones talking about. The moisturizing properties in this body polish come from Honey, sunflower oil and sweet almond oil. A little goes a long way with this product and therefore lasts a fairly long time. Who needs a day at the spa with a product like this.

Tea Tree wipes:

Now I'm sure I don't need to go into my big speech on how much I love tea tree oil and how it naturally kills bacteria and is great for blemishes and so on. But now they come handy in these wipes. I love keeping these wipes in my overnight bag, makeup bag, gym bag, pretty much anywhere on the go. These are great for cleansing and taking off makeup at the end of the night, after the gym, camping, at sleep overs, and leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Lip Butter:

Oh yeah!!!! pretty much everything I love about the body butter for your lips. its sensational! awesome for protection from the sun, protection from the cold winters while moisturizing your lips.

Body Shop Face Brush:

I love the Body Shop face Brush. Like all of their brushes they are so unbelievably soft and are completely harmless to animals yayyy!!!! The tapered cut to the synthetic hairs are perfect for precise application of mineral powders, translucent powders, bronzers ect.. Applying makeup with this brush is a treat all on its own. The softness of the brush is great for all skin types especially delicate sensitive skin. Blending with this brush is effortless and the softness is quite enjoyable. I get compliments on my clients all the time when I use this brush, I even had a client doze off she was so comfortable, wether that was the brush or my magic touch for applying translucent powder..we'll never know ;)

Don't get me wrong there a many other products that I LOVE from the Body Shop but these are my essentials

What are your favourite Body Shop product?? 

Product review- GOSH

Spring is in the air!! although you would hardly know it here in British Columbia. Where its sunny and beautiful one minute and raining cloudy the next.
Richmond. Vancouver, B.C

Fraser River. Fort Langley, B.C

  Days like these I like to bring in a spring feeling with bright spring colours.
Nail polish is a great and simple way to add some spring colour to your wardrobe, even when it doesn't feel like spring.

While searching for some sprinspiration (spring+inspiration) at my local Shoppers Drug Mart. These nail polish colours just sprung out and screamed its Spring!!!

Gosh Nail Lacquer:


PS. I Love these colours...
              This was my first purchase of GOSH Nail Lacquer, I was definitely not disappointed with the colours and the bright vividness of the polish itself. After only one coat the colours showed and covered really well. I only used one coat and a clear finish and the results were great saturated spring colour. I especially loved how the silver wasn't opaque as some silver nail polishes are, below you can see just how beautiful the colours show after only one coat.

Other products I really enjoy from GOSH

Precious Powder Pearls in Magic (top,lighter) and Glow (bottom,darker)
These are really cool, there little pearls of powder. They have such a delicate sheen to them that look stunning in the light and add beautiful dimensions to the skin. I keep these on hand for photo shoots to give the perfect yet dramatic sheen to the skin. 

I love using Glow(the bronzy colour) along the neck, collar bone and contour areas to give a bronzed glow in the spring/summer months. The time of year when all us ladies are rocking tank tops and summer dresses. I love using Magic as a highlighter along the tops of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and a touch above the cupids bow to give a fuller dramatic sheen.

TIP: These are loose powders so I do recommend using a creme colour as a base first to prevent smudging and falling. My favourite is Shell from MAC. 

Velvet touch lipliner *waterproof in Pink PeonyPeach Pearl and Auburn Twist

I purchased these lipliners while they were on sale and decided to give them a try. I instantly fell in love with Pink Peony and Peach Pearl, Simply because I'm a big fan of Pink traffic stopping lips. The formula in general didn't disappoint either, this lipliner glides on so smoothly and last for the majority all day.

Soft'N Shine Lip Balm in 30 BARBIE

In combination with the lipliners I love using the soft'n shine lip balm. 
However this is a must have all on its own. This lip colour is so smooth and conditioning I never found that it dried out at all! and this colour is a stunning barbie pink. This is the first and only colour I have for this particular brand. I was really pleased with these finds and they still remain a regular staple in my makeup bag. Having a bright colour option in your makeup bag is a quick and easy way to take your look from a day at the office to a night out on the town.

TIP: To give your lip colour extra staying power, line and fill your lips completely with your lipliner, apply lip colour and then lightly pat lips with translucent powder using a tissue.

Extreme Art Eyeliner in 26 (silver) 17(purple) 77 (turquoise) 10(blue)

I purchased these for a specific look I wanted to create. I love creating fantasy looks and stepping outside the box. These are great for just that! they come in such a range of colours and are perfect for drawing specific lines, creating dots, and just having fun with colour. I do warn you though when they say "extreme art eyeliner" they aren't kidding around. This eyeliner is quite difficult to take off with just your typical face cleanser, a makeup remover is required to take this product off. However if you don't mind putting in a little extra elbow in your cleansing routine and your feeling adventurous this is definitely a great place to start. 

In honour of todays review I have created a look using all the products above. I created this look for a fun flirty day out on a beautiful spring day, I kept it clean and simple with a pop of colour in the lips because I always like to stand out in a crowed. It may not feel like spring here in British Columbia but that doesn't mean I can't look the part :)

What are some of your favourite spring/summer products ??