Monday, 31 October 2011

Gwen Stefani-Get the look !

I Love! recreating looks in magazines..theres something so exciting about figuring out colours, techniques, products used and having it all come together in the end, adding your own twists along the way.
This look is inspired by the cover of Novembers issue of In Style magazine featuring Gwen Stefani. Obviously Gwen Stefani is a  major fashion icon not only in her style but in her make-up as well. She loves to rock a modern clean nude cat eye with a bold lip, usually red, but not this time kids, nope she's sporting a hot pink/fushia type lip that looks amazing!! try it and see for yourself. This clean cat eye can be paired with any bold lip of your choice so have fun and rock it!!

Face:  Foundation, conceal and powder as usual. although try some simple contouring by 

Using a bronzer with NO! shimmer in it( I love Blunt from MAC) run this in the hollows of your 

cheeks from your ears to the middle towards your mouth. Next apply a light dusting of shimmer 

eyeshadow or powder along the tops of your cheek bones sweeping up towards the outer eye. 

Highlighting the highest points and contouring the lower points of the face work together to 

slenderize and brighten the face as well as add

depth and color to the face.

Eyes: First off you want to prep your eyes so that your shadow lasts all day I used MAC paint 

pot in Painterly, not only does this allow your shadow to last all day but it also allows the 

pigments of the eyeshadow to show true to their colour.

After your done prepping the eyes its time to move onto shadow. This look is a very clean look

and requires just a couple of shadows, sweep a white shimmer or matte eyeshadow all over the 

lid up to the brow bone I used Vanilla eyeshadow from MAC. 

By the look of the picture it looks like its just a wash of a matte colour all over but I decided to 

add some depth to the look by applying a light brown colour to the outer corners of the eye in a 

'V' shape. I used cappuccino by MAC using my blending fluffy brush in a winder wiper motion 

in my crease to create a soft colour in the outer crease. 

Time to grab your liquid liner ladies and create that classic cat eye, this does require practice so 

if your uncomfortable using liquid liner try using a sharp angled brush with black eyeshadow to 

practise with. eyeshadow can easily be blended out and corrected until your confident enough

to use liquid liner. After be sure to curl your lashes and apply mascara, apply false lashes if 


Cheeks/Lips: For the cheeks she didn't look like she had to much on, obviously her skin tone is much different from mine but no worries just work with what you got. I used a very light pink blush, Dandelion from Benefit but any light pink will do. And lastly the  star of the show those beautiful fushia/pink lips. First I outlined and filled in my lips with a pink lipliner, here I used Glam Pink lipliner from Gosh. Applying lipliner around the lips as well as filling in the lips allows your lipstick to last longer, have more staying power, and prevents the lipstick from running outside your natural lip line. After applying the lipliner I covered my lips in Lily Extase (340) by Revlon.

Don't forget to fill in the brows, which I did, I know it sounds strange but filling in your eyebrows with a coloured shadow or eye pencil frames the eyes and brings structure to the face.

I Love this bold lip!!! I even matched it with a scarf.. have fun and enjoy :D

Exploring with colour- get the look

Everyone say hello to my beautiful younger cousin Brianna. I love it when people allow me to do whatever I please with their make-up. In a casual day with my cousin I decided to do her makeup funky yet wearable. The inspiration came from a face chart I had created months before. I chose to explore with colours using mainly MAC pigments simply because.. well their well pigmented and easy to work with continue reading if you would like to get the look, or get inspired and try these colours in your own way.  

Face: Foundation, conceal and powder your face as usual. 
Eyes: First start by priming the lids with the lid primer of your preference, I LOVE! MAC paint pots I used Painterly for this look. 
For any look it is recommended you start your eye look with the lighter colours first simply because it is a lot easier to go over a light colour then to cover up a dark colour. That being said in the first inner corner of the eye place your yellow pigment in the first quarter of the eye. We are creating a soft transition of colours so next I used a beautiful lime green colour, to blend into the yellow and cover another quarter of the eye. in this case I used MAC pigments in Chartreuse
I wanted to transition the green into a deep purple and used a combination of MAC eyeshadows in Nocturnelle,Indian Ink, Vibrant Grape and Fig 1. but by all means work with what purples you have, when it comes to layering and making colours pop try working with various shades of the same colour to add depth to the look.
and lastly I wanted the outer corners to transition to a beautiful fushia/pink colour and went with MAC Fushia pigment.

Cheeks: For such a Loud eye look like this try keeping the cheeks a bit more subtle yet complementing to the eyes. Because the eyes have that pop of pink/fushia I went for a Blush colour to complement this, I used MAC Dollymix. Don't let this colour scare you it looks really intense on the pallet but is beautiful when applied, sweep this colour with a light hand along the cheek bones to give a nice natural flush of pink.

Lips: Again with this look choose a lip colour thats subtle yet ties in with the rest of the look, I went with a variety of light pinks to compliment the cheeks. I used Sweet thing by MAC. 

Product Recap: 
                            MAC Lemon pigment
                            MAC Chartreuse pigment
                            MAC Nocturnelle eyeshadow
                            MAC Vibrant grape eyeshadow
                            MAC Fig 1. eyeshadow
                            MAC Fushia pigment
                   Cheeks: MAC Dollymix
                    Lips: MAC Sweet thing

However use whatever colours, brands you have and get creative and see what different looks you can come up with. I love working with pigments because there so pigmented and so colourful!! A little goes a long way with these babies and for a more creamy liquid texture try mixing them or wetting your brush with water, eye drops or a mixing medium. I love experimenting with color and the best thing about makeup is you can do what you please, have fun :D let me know what looks you come up with.

xoxox Relish