Thursday, 22 December 2011

Top 5 Drug store favourites!

When I was a young preteen, my vanity was full of smackers lip products, glitter gel, maybe line eyeshadow cream, for the most part I never wore the stuff out half the time, (I was a tomboy back in those days) I just loved playing with all the goodies I'd find at my neighbourhood shoppers drug mart, my older cousin Jen and I would walk the 30 minutes it took to get there at least twice a week and we looked more and more forward to it every time. Even then I loved getting creative, experimenting, and playing with all the fun sparkly, colours and stuff! Nowadays my makeup bag consist mostly of MAC, Benefit, Smashbox, clinique ect.. I still love going to my neighbourhood drugstore and picking up new products to test out and experiment with, some I have made a permanent resident and I continue to purchase. Here are a list of the drugstore must haves!! Budget friendly these products can fake high end results.

Vichy face cleansing gel: Wow! me and this product go way back, I love trying out new products and I have tried a lot of face washes, gels, scrubs ect.. and I have always come back to this stuff at one point or another. 
fact: It's good to alternate between your favourite cleansers. Have you ever noticed a product works great, until after a year or so you notice it doesn't "work" as well?  Like how your body can become immune to medication, your skin is the same way and therefore its good to alternate between face cleaners, keeping your skin "on its toes," so to speak.
 I remember being 13, like many other 13 year olds acne was my worst enemy. After struggling with many products I finally found Vichy, a decently priced cleanser found in drugstores that showed amazing results. I'm so glad I had this stuff with me throughout my adolescent years. I don't know what I would of done without it. The texture of this cleanser is so smooth and your face feels so clean and refreshed afterwards. Thanks to this product I was able to glide through my adolescence not worrying about acne.

Revlon photo-ready foundation: 
Revlon photo-ready concealer: I love this foundation/concealer duo as my drugstore alternative. I have to be honest I have tried literally every foundation a drugstore can carry. I have discovered foundations that I really love, and some that I've never bought again. This is one that I would definitely buy again. I love the coverage and consistency you get with the concealer stick I almost love using it as much as my MAC concealer it goes on so smooth and blends so well.

Kiss my face: I'm not sure if everyone can find this moisturizer in their neighbourhood drug store like I can, but if you happen to see this product definitely give it a try. Moisturizing is a key step in your daily skin care routine. Like most of you I usually can't afford the high end fancy expensive creams, so this is my next best thing. It's all 100% natural! which is a great start because everything we apply to our skin gets absorbed and passed through the liver in our bodies. Not only that I love the consistency of this moisturizer and I love love love that it doesn't leave your face feeling heavy or greasy. This is also my number 1 moisturizer I use to mix with foundation, the consistency is perfect for creating your own tinted moisturizer. It comes in three formulations for different skin types. I personally love the one with olive oil.

Biore make-up remover wipes: This reminds me that I need to grab some of these next time I'm at the drugstore. I have such a bad habit of falling asleep in my makeup. Some days I'm good about washing my makeup off at the end of the day, but needless to say I find myself waking up with yesterdays makeup smudged around my face more often then not. These babies are perfect to keep in your purse, gym bag, overnight bag, or on your nightstand. What I love most about these wipes is they don't make your face feel sticky or greasy afterwards. They also contain green tea which is full of antioxidant which we all know greatly benefits our skin and bodies, protecting them from damaging free radicals.

L'oreal Infallible lip color: On the nights when I wanna rock a red lip that won't go anywhere! this is my go-to product. it literally never goes anywhere. I can kiss my boyfriend with this stuff on and it doesn't come off!! even he was amazed. With most red lips, I'm always checking to make sure that there isn't any red on my teeth, or smudged outside my lip line, I've never had that problem with this product. The only downside I have discovered with this product is when you apply to much to the lips it "flakes." But all else considered thats the price to pay for an amazing long lasting product. I prefer this compared to all my other red lipsticks, because it doesn't go anywhere. I get my l'oreal infallible lip color in 013 crimson.

What are some of your Drugstore must haves??

xoxo All my reviews are my personal opinions and experience with the products. Although I do encourage you ladies to try these products if your looking for something new, do keep in mind that everyone has their own experiences and opinions with products and therefore you may not agree with my experiences.