Thursday, 3 November 2011

bejewel me

This is just a lil something I came up with one night when I was bored...yes when I'm bored I do my makeup ;)  hence makeup addict lol. It's times like those however you can really get your creative juices going experiment and explore with different looks and colours. This is just a simple clean frosty eye with all the attention mainly on the bejewelled lips. I have to be honest I wanted the lips to be more bejewelled but the jewels were to big to fill the lips in nicely, If i did this look again I would use smaller bejewels and really get those lips bejazzeled ;)

As you can see replacing the drama of the bejewels with a pop of colour makes this look totally wearable. Try switching up your typical black smokey look on the evenings to this clean classic frosty eye, Paired with a chic black outfit..perhaps a little black dress ;) you'll be the talk of the evening.
 Using light colours as opposed to your typical black give you a more innocent, classic, clean bright eyed look. Bringing attention to your eyes while working with the bold lip.

To get this look
Foundation: Conceal and Powder as usual. Contour and Highlight if desired. 
Eyes: Prime the lids with your choice of primer, I used painterly paint pot from MAC. Taking a white frosty colour (any lighter frosty colour will work also) using your fluffy brush dust over entire lid from lid up to the brow bone ( I used Shroom from MAC) To add more depth to the eyes wash a matte white eyeshadow over the lid, using different textures in the same shade adds dimension to light colours(I used Vanilla from MAC) Line the eyes with your choice of eyeliner, I chose to use black. And thats it!! although you don't have to stop there. Try experimenting with colours.
Cheeks: Apply cheek colour of your choice try picking a shade or colour that contrast and pairs well with the lips.
Lips: Finish off with a bold matte lip, or glossy if you prefer. I personally think a glossy lip will overdue the look considering the bright frosty eyes. Feel free to experiment with bold pinks, deep fushia's, bright reds. I used Trimming talk from MAC.

How to get the Hair: 
I like big curly kinda messy sexy hair, and I think it pairs well with this look. To get this look first start by applying spritzing some sort of styling lotion, heat protector, whatever you typically use to protect your hair from heat. I love Styling lotion or thickening spray by Bumble and Bumble. Curl your hair in sections with whatever curling iron you got, remember that hair does fall flat through the night, so using a smaller curling iron will give you nice medium sized curls that will eventually fall into waves, where using a bigger curling iron will simply just fall. If you really want to get creative and add texture try using a different sized curling iron with each layer. Remember to hairspray curls in between layers.
After entire hair is curled bust out the backcombing brush, any comb/brush will work. grabbing your hair in sections backcomb entire head by elevating hair and teasing the root, gently sliding hair from mid root to root. This creates volume and can be teaselled and manipulated for your desired volume, shape and style. spray with hair spray. For extra texture and hold in the curls, apply a small amount of styling balm into the palm of your hands and scrunch your hair defining your curls. I love After Party from Bedhead.

Hope this inspires you to come up with your own looks, go out and rock it ;)
Peace Love and Makeup