Sunday, 6 November 2011

overnight makeup bag essentials.

lol yes this is me at my finest hour on my 20th birthday in vancouver. This is a classic "Rel is 

having a good time pose." For some reason I always bust out this pose in Photos shale we take

an adventure.
My bestest friend aka boyfriend on halloween :D

Mexico with the family me theres a lot more where this came from ;)

All this fun and dancing and partying eventually comes to an end, occasionally the night leads to too many cocktails and you find yourself doing the responsible and sensible thing that is not to drink and drive but decide to end a good night out at a friends. Have these essentials handy in your makeup bag and you'll be prepared for wherever it is you decided to end your night. 

Brush: Have this item handy in your purse for obvious reasons, unless you like that messy bedhead look(like myself, in which case simply scrunch and tossel locks), have a brush handy to tame that post party mane. Theres a variety of cute, convenient mini brushes that are capable of fitting in your makeup bag but really any brush or comb will work.

Travel size Baby Powder: Now I know your probably giving me a weird look but heres 

the thing. Have you ever heard of "dry shampoo's?" Salon's and drugstores may carry products 

called "dry shampoo" which is applied mainly to the roots to freshen up hair, working as a dry 

consistency to absorb our hairs natural oils. Well folks if you can't find a product that suites you

or for a cheaper, economical solution. I got some exciting  news for you. BABY POWDER


yes its true! just sprinkle a bit in your hand and tossel through the roots of your hair, because 

baby powder is white however, be sure to thoroughly work powder into hair. Dry 

Shampoo can be used in between washes or for backcombing, (apply a small amount to the 

root and proceed with normal backcombing technique) this provides a dry texture for better 

backcombing and in the end result, fuller volume with better stability.

Having a dryer texture on the hair also allows bobby pins and clips to anchor better within the 

hair. For those nights where you feel and undo is in order. 


Travel size Baby Oil: Don't worry were not preparing to babysit infants. Baby Oil is another

great versatile product to have handy in your bathroom or purchase a travel size to fit in your

makeup bag. Baby Oil is very moisturizing to your skin. It can be used in or after a shower to

fully moisturize the skin beyond just the surface like most lotions, without leaving the skin 

feeling greasy. However in this situation baby oil is a great economical eye makeup remover.


Relish's homemade do it all spritz!

I know, I know not the best name but I'll work on it ;)

Remember my little lecture about Tea tree oil, and how it was my little sidekick for everything! 

No?.. Well if you would like to proceed down my blog. If not heres a recap. Tea tree oil is a great 

natural antiseptic. It's great for acne because it cleans and kills the bacteria that gets trapped in 

our pores and build up, resulting in pimples, blackheads ect..

 This is especially when we sleep in our makeup which is a complete NoNo but 

at one point or other we are all guilty of doing it. Well I've created the solution..literally ;)

While pondering the many uses of tea tree oil, and the common problem of me always falling

asleep in my makeup a lightbulb went off in my brain and this stuff was born!

Why not create a mist you can spritz your face with and take off your makeup while killing the 

bacteria that leave our pores clogged. I can't list the different things this spritz can be used for. 

Composed of just 100% tea tree oil and purified distilled water, this spritz can be used to clean 

the face and take off makeup, as a toner before moisturizer, to spray on cuts, wounds, bruises 

etc... to clean makeup brushes, as an insect repellant

the list goes on..


To make this magical potion is very easy.First off start by finding a little spritz or spray bottle 

of your preference and fill almost full of purified distilled water. Take your 100% pure Tea 

tree oil and add to the water. I Haven't decided on a ratio or measurement or anything I 

just kept adding drops of tea tree oil until I decided there was a good amount of water to

tea tree oil, this will also depend on how big your spritz bottle is. I'm guessing you would want

twice as much water as tea tree oil but if you feel the mixture is to strong or to weak add to your 


Other Items that are self explanatory and a must to have in your overnight makeup bag are




Compact powder, Mascara, Blush etc..

Hand Sanitizer

And so there you have it! The very essentials to have when you leave the door for your night on 

the town. These items are very versatile and are also great to have for road trips, camping, 

airplane rides, on vacation, your gym bag etc.. 

Obviously feel free to add whatever else you can't survive without.

Happy Partying! and Happy Adventures!! you never know where each day will take you and 

therefore you won't know where each day will end. However with these items handy in your 

makeup bag you'll be prepared for whatever life throws your way.

Have fun! Be safe! and remember DONT drink and drive! make it a slumber party!