Thursday, 14 June 2012

Back to business

Hey Everyone!

wow has it been forever! Good to see everyone :) hope you didn't miss me to much ;) (insert confident sarcasm here)  I have been MIA the past 5 months but its for a good reason I promise :) I have been working my little rump off and saving pennies to finally purchase myself a place to call home. Iam very excited to announce that I will be moving into my condo in 2 months 17 days (but who's counting) Not even words can describe how excited Iam for this day to come, Finally I have a place to call home. A place to express myself and live out my craziest colourful dreams :)

Furniture and Decor shopping has been so fun these past months, I have already picked out the colours and theme of each room and have started collecting decor to match. I will post some photos of the great finds I have purchased. Like many of us I have a unique style that will obviously be reflected in my home. I have found great pieces that scream original :) I'd love to share them with you.

Where does your inspiration for making your home personal come from??

Just a few of my favourite finds:......more to come

Like most people in this world I LOVE LOVE LOVE marilyn monroe, she is truly a classic beauty that will live on for generations. So naturally I saw this picture and fell in Love! I envision this beauty on the walls of my future living room. I have many marilyn pictures but this one is so unique I had to have it.

Don't mind the Iphone boarder. I had this chandelier custom painted.
Jennifer at My painted furniture is wonderful!!! I found her about a year ago and fell in love with her work. It's amazing what she can transform. Her work is truly original and you can guarantee no one will have such a beautiful unique piece at a great price. I have designed and purchased 70% of my furniture from her and my home is going to be proud to display her work. She is truly talented and can accommodate any design you may have in mind. 

I was downtown vancouver one night for an event, this bed was displayed a store front and I fell in love with it! I had never seen a bed like this and it was calling my name. After researching almost every furniture store in vancouver I finally found it online only to see that this beauty of a bed cost 1200$ before taxes..ouch..not exactly on the budget. After arguing with myself and anxiously pondering on how much I could sell my blood for (insert joke here) I decided that this bed will be a fun future project I can attempt to make myself. I will be sure to keep in touch on how that goes ;)

I was in home sense and I spotted these lamps and again they screamed my name! I love how original and unique they are. As I brought them up to the counter to officially claim them mine the store clerk even mentioned these were the only ones they had or have ever had..this pleased me and for a great price :) 

I love dollar stores! especially when everything really is 1$$ I have found all sorts of decor goodies at the dollar store, these being one of them. Fake flowers can be a great, easy, cheap way to brighten up a living room or add sparkle to a bathroom.

Again excuse the iPhone boarder. 
Another beautiful creation from jennifer at my painted furniture. I had picked out these nightstands on her website in the unpainted section and asked her if she could paint them silver. Well she sure did and they look amazing!! 

 Let me tell ya I will be so happy to have my "girly" space for I have been living in a mans world far to long, bar decor, brown leather couches, pictures of Harley davidson bikes. Testosterone fills this space and is the definition of a man cave. I have spent my last three years amongst the boys, saving up for my own place, that I'm surprised I don't pee standing up (insert awkward laugh)

Thanks for stopping by and keeping in touch.  As always I love to hear from you. where and when was your first home?? how did you decorate??

What are your favourite decor finds??
What is your style ??
Where do you find inspiration??