Thursday, 26 September 2013

Getting ready for Fall

Fall Favorites

I hope everyone had a awesome summer!!! I know its sad to see and feel it go especially for all of us up here in Canada eh!! to all my American readers down south in the sunshine come explore beautiful fall with us :) 

My fellow Canadians its time to dust off the umbrellas pull out the rain boots, Fall is among us!!

 Leaves have already started to change to their infamous and beautiful tinges of orange and yellows, mornings have become crisp and yes as Facebook has let all of us know pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks!!! I myself are mostly a Tim Hortons gal but ill have to see what all the hype is about. 

Fall although beautiful is the season of chapped lips, dry skin, cold and flues, and fragile brittle hair :(  no need to hibernate for the winter ladies we got this! these are the main beauty products I have on hand to get through the cold bitter months.  

Top Fall Products  

-Leave in hair conditioner
- Face and Body moisturizers
-Lip balm/conditioners
-Hand sanitizer
-Moisturizing foundation
- Sunless tanner (optional)

 A.G Fast food leave in Conditioner

Shout out for all u blondies and colour addicts with the crispy ends..yea gurl dont worry I'm with you and I got chu! Summer or Winter this is a must for dry ends. After your done doing your thang in the shower with damp hair apply a small dollop.. yes its a word..about the size of a nickel depending on hair length and work through the hair concentrating on the mid-ends of your hair. you dont want to apply this to the roots of your hair because you get lots of natural oils conditioners from your scalp.  

If you have finer thinner hair in efforts to not weigh the hair down I recommend a conditioning mist as appose to a leave in conditioner, however using a smaller amount of conditioner will due if its what you have.

CHI Keratin Mist

This is also great for those crispy almost straw like ends. I apply my A.G and then I will mist all over the hair, still mainly concentrating on those ends!  this product has proteins, specifically keratin (essentially what are hair is made up of) in it to help repair damaged hair. As a blonde with fine hair I have never found this product to be to heavy or weigh on my hair. 

 St. Tropez instant Glow 

Just because its fall doesn't mean we have to give up that summer glow. I'm not one to artificial tan but this product is perfect for those tan addicts who cant let go of that summer tan or for those casual ladies who just desire a light sun kissed look. This product is applied to the face and neck after washing your face and moisturizing. Perfect for under your makeup or just on its own for those lazy fall days. what I love about this product is that it is washable so your not actually building a tan but simply adding a touch of colour to the face before applying makeup. perfect for brides this time of year and for all those holiday parties coming up in the near future. 

L'OREAL Magic BB Cream

Honestly I feel kind of behind on the times now that CC Cream has made its way to the shelves but BB Cream is still a good staple for fall and makeup bags. it provides a sheer light coverage while correcting, protecting and minimizing. essential for fall with the cold weather to have a foundation thats going to give you extra protection from the elements and provide moisture to the skin in these dry nippy days. 
Tinted moisturizers are also a good route remember this can be done by simply mixing equal parts of your favourite foundation with your favourite moisturizer!

Body Shop Body Butter 
Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream

In the dry seasons its a must to have a good face and body moisturizer any of your favourites will do we want to keep the skin hydrated to prevent dry cracked skin. My favourites are Body butter in Satsuma mmmhmm it smells so delicious and citrusey (not a word) Its a must every time I'm fresh from the shower or just needing some moisture in my life. For face I always use seaweed mattifying day cream however for those of you with dry skin I recommend something more moisturizing. this cream is light and non greasy perfect for those with normal-oily skin. 

La Senza Body Kiss Hand Sanitizer

yes its true cold and flu season is here and with them are the germs. Its always handy to have hand sanitizer around, in your purse, locker, car ect.. great way to prevent the spread of germs and to prevent those germs from making you sick!! Any of your favourites will be good but I like how these are scented in a pretty scent as oppose to that strong alcohol smell. if your really determined not to get sick this year I also recommend a sanitizing wipe perfect for wiping down shopping carts, restaurant menus, door handles and all those places where lots of hand traffic takes place. 

Lip Balm/Conditioners

During this season it is essential to keep those lips moisturized to avoid chapped lips.. eeek. Any of your favourites will do just make sure they keep your lips hydrated, I find some lip products can actually make your lips more dry over time. Out of all the chap sticks, lip balms, ect.. these are my favourites that have stood up to the tests of winter! 

MAC Lip Conditioner, it does what it says and feels so silky on the lips and lasts! its a bit of a splurge but a little goes a long way I have had this product for years and its still going strong!

Booster Juice Canadian Colada lip balm, next time your powering up at booster juice look for these babies on the counter a friend of mine gave this to me and I love it !! so unexpected as it is booster juice but not only does it smell amazing but its so moisturizing!

Soft Lips balm, I got this at good ole Walmart and its good for both summer and winter. I love to apply this on my lips before applying a lip colour to keep lips hydrated and allows other lip products to go on smooth and silky :)

 grab a cup of hot chocolate and cuddle up by the fire ladies happy fall to you all !