Thursday, 8 December 2011


I recently went on and ordered a early christmas present to myself :D For those of you who are unfamiliar crown brushes are a brand of makeup brushes. You wouldn't believe the difference of having good brushes in your kit will do to your makeup looks, you get better product placement and blending with well crafted brushes that are specifically designed for what we do :D

All crown brushes are 100% animal cruelty free! absolutely no animals were harmed or destroyed for the purpose of making their fabulous brushes. They have a wide variety of different brushes and brush sets that are definitely worth checking out. Even for personal use these brushes are amazing!!! I wish I had ordered two sets so I had a set for personal use but these were specifically bought for my kit, and have only been used personally for the purpose of this review.

The set I bought are on sale for a limited time only! I got the 15 piece Enkore makeup brush set, Original value: 235.00$ currently on sale for 59.99$ As soon as I saw this I rushed for my visa and had to get these brushes, and when they finally arrived I was so excited like a little girl on christmas eve! they were worth every cent, the feel of these brushes is amazing!!! its almost a shame to use them their so soft and beautifully constructed. When working on clients having a brush that will do what you need with using a light hand makes all the difference for the client. I'm always getting complimented that my makeup application "feels so good like a face massage"(Iv actually had clients fall asleep on me I had them so relaxed) sounds a little ridiculous I know but when working with clients this can be a good thing! you want them to enjoy their experience and be as comfortable as possible. Even if the difference is just the quality of your brushes, you want them to call you again in the future.

I definitely recommend this set for anyone just building their makeup brush collection, It comes with 15 brushes that will cover all applications from the face to the eyes, I honestly think these 15 brushes are all you would need to create any look! for both personal use, and professionally. Although it doesn't come with a liquid liner brush which is a quick add.

What the 15 piece encore makeup brush kit comes with......
C309: Jumbo chisel powder face brush
C403: Chisel face brush
C406: Large Duo face brush
C404: Small Duo face brush
Foundation brush: theres no number on it :( but its extremely soft!
C405: Contour face brush
C407: Jumbo shadow brush
C415: Dlx Sable shader brush
C417: Chubby shadow brush
C433: Pro blending fluff eyeshadow brush
C431: Precision domed eyeshadow brush
C200: Deluxe crease brush
C408: Chisel shader eyeshadow brush
C409: Angel eyeshadow brush

If your looking for an upgrade on your regular brushes I would definitely check out crown, they have many different makeup brush kits you can purchase and give them a try.. their brushes are amazing!

note: These are not payed reviews, I only review about products I truly like and I feel are worth buying. Like most of you Ive tried hundreds of different products and have been frustrated searching ,trial and error, for the best ones, I'm just trying to solve the endless search for many women out there :D