Saturday, 16 June 2012

Whats in your makeup bag??

A womens purse... To men its a scary mysterious place they don't often venture, but for us ladies a purse is our home away from home, a lifeline..our bag of tricks. What we keep in our purse can be the difference between a good day and a bad day.
 So what kind of things do you keep in your purse ?? what products do you always have on hand to prepare yourself for anything?

Whether its a spontaneous get together with your secret someone, a date with the family, or simply going from a day look to night look, be prepared for any occasion by always keeping these products handy in your makeup bag.

 My makeup bag survival kit

These are the products I always have on hand with me. I may not necessarily use them all in a day but having a selection of your favourite products, allows you to create any look any time, carrying the least amount of products. I have only been carrying these products with me for the past 5 months and I have been able to create any look from casual day looks, to full on night on the town looks. Let me share with you my secret tips and tricks to getting the most out of these basic products.

note: These are just the brands and products I enjoy because they work for me, please feel free to utilize your favourite brands and products in your own unique way. However if your in the mood for trying something these are definitely worth a try.

Liquid Foundation/ Loosed or Pressed Powder/Concealer

 We all know these are the basis to a flawless foundation and can be used separately to achieve sheer coverage or in combination for maximum coverage. For simple day looks, try just using concealer where needed, and powder. I love using mineral powders because they are light on the skin and give a perfect sheer coverage for days where your just hanging out.
For a night on the town use a sheer liquid foundation followed by your favourite concealer and powder for maximum last all night foundation.
I always carry my favourite's **Clinique Perfectly real makeup, Glo minerals loose powder and Mac studio sculpt concealer.

Bronzer/Blush/Highlighting trio

These three products are more versatile then you think. Not only can a Bronzer be used to contour your features and give a sun kissed glow where needed. I have also used Bronzer has a eyebrow colour, and it makes the perfect eyeshadow colour for more dramatic looks. 
Carry your favourite Blush colour and lightly dust on the apples of the cheeks to add a soft glow. For night looks sweep the blush along the cheek bone up towards the temple for more drama. Depending on the colour you choose and the look your going for Blush can also substitute for a eyeshadow colour.
 The highlighting trio I always carry around with me is MAC Mineralize skin finish in Smooth Merge. I use the lighter colour to highlight the cheeks and brow bone however I have also used this for many different eye looks. its amazing how many different looks can be created with the same three colours. get creative with your products.

**MAC powder blush in BLUNT, Mineralize Skin finish Smooth Merge, Powder blush in spaced out.

Mascara/Eyeliner/Liquid liner

These products are key in any makeup look but can be used in different ways to achieve different looks. For a more dramatic way to open the eyes try applying mascara more so on the outer eye lashes having them flare outwards towards the outer corner of your eye.
I definitely recommend having two different eye pencils on hand, one in black and one in brown. Believe it or not I use brown more often then the ever famous black eyeliner. Brown is great because its more "soft" looking then black and is perfect for day looks. I also love using brown eyeliner as a brow pencil to fill in and define eyebrows. 
To turn a day look into a night look using black eyeliner along the inner waterline is simple and efficient. I have also used black eyeliner as eyeshadow base for creating smokey eyes. Simply apply black eyeliner along your lids and smudge into shape using a blending brush or your pinky, apply your bronzer colour to soften the edges. 
Liquid liner is great to have on hand to create the infamous cat eye liner which goes well with any look day or night. 

**My favourites are Benefit Bad gal Lash mascara, Bonnebell eye definer, Almay Liquid Eyeliner

Lip Pencil/Lip Color/Lip Moisturizer

Changing your lip colour is always a great way to go from a day look to night look.
 I love carrying around a light pink lip colour and a darker pink pencil. That way they can become more versatile. Using just the Lip colour on its own is great for soft day looks, for a more saturated look I like to line and fill my lips completely with my desired Lip Pencil and simply apply the Lip Moisturizer or Lip Color.

**My favourites MAC Viva Glam Gaga, MAC Lip Conditioner, GOSH Pink Peony velvet touch waterproof lipliner.

                                       Perfume/Antiperspirant/Hand Sanitizer

**Favorites Juicy Couture, Lady Speed Stick, La Senza Perfect Passion  

So wether its a spontaneous getaway, a overnight sleepover, or just a regular day at the office your beauty survival kit should be able to handle it all... In case of emergencies..Powder...Gloss..Glamorous

What products get you through the unexpected??