Friday, 11 November 2011

Do it yourself nail tutorial!

I love that self expression can go beyond hair, makeup and fashion, but nails as well. There are some very talented nail artists out there that can do unimaginable things on such a small surface.

this is just a sample taken off google of how intricate nail art can be.

 Today's nail tutorial! 

I have to admit personally I SUCK!!! at doing my own nails. Usually my left hand always seems to look better then my right, because Iam right handed, and as soon as I'm done I always get antsy and while their still trying to dry I'm all over the place using my hands. Resulting in not so pretty smudging and chipping. So my number one and completely obvious advice to you is wait till their completely dry to continue.

Considering my lack of experience in doing nails this design was easy enough that even I could do it!!! and I've gotten so many compliments and people asking..did you get your nails done?? to which I proudly reply "Nope I did em myself" :D yayyy!!!!!
This is done on my natural nails but I'm sure you can do it over fake ones as well.

To achieve this design here is what you'll need
            1.) 3 Nail polish colours of your choice. One will be your Base Coat, Another the colour applied to the tips of your nails, and lastly a colour for the poke dots. Feel free to use whatever colours you have, however try working with colours that compliment each other as your bases and use a neutral colour for the poke dots ( ex. white, silver, black)

2.) Bobby Pin, toothpick, small paint brush whatever you can find to create small dots, I used a bobby pin and it worked perfect!

Lets get started :D
(my camera didn't take very quality pictures but you get the idea)

First off start by applying your base coat. Apply about 1-2 coats to get the intensity of the colour.

After your base coat has dried. Apply the second colour to the tip of your nails in a diagonal design. This may look complicated but it's pretty simple just try and keep a steady hand, if you feel uncomfortable using the regular nail polish brush try using a very small, fine paint brush. I got mine from the dollar store. Also try using a straight edge of a paper or business card as a stencil or guide. I haven't tried this but thought about it afterwards.

Take your bobby pin and stretch it out like I have above. Place some of your poke a dot colour on a piece of paper. Dip the end of your bobby pin into the nail polish and practice a couple of dots on the paper, get the feel of how to create the dots. After your comfortable continue the same technique on your nails for the most part I kept my dots mainly on the tips but feel free to get creative.

Apply a clear top coat afterwards And TADA!!! all finished..

 I decided to get a little creative on my thumbs and continued the poke a dots all the way down. 

Who says you have to go out and spend a fortune to get your nails did..get creative and have fun :D

Happy polishing