Thursday, 26 September 2013

Getting ready for Fall

Fall Favorites

I hope everyone had a awesome summer!!! I know its sad to see and feel it go especially for all of us up here in Canada eh!! to all my American readers down south in the sunshine come explore beautiful fall with us :) 

My fellow Canadians its time to dust off the umbrellas pull out the rain boots, Fall is among us!!

 Leaves have already started to change to their infamous and beautiful tinges of orange and yellows, mornings have become crisp and yes as Facebook has let all of us know pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks!!! I myself are mostly a Tim Hortons gal but ill have to see what all the hype is about. 

Fall although beautiful is the season of chapped lips, dry skin, cold and flues, and fragile brittle hair :(  no need to hibernate for the winter ladies we got this! these are the main beauty products I have on hand to get through the cold bitter months.  

Top Fall Products  

-Leave in hair conditioner
- Face and Body moisturizers
-Lip balm/conditioners
-Hand sanitizer
-Moisturizing foundation
- Sunless tanner (optional)

 A.G Fast food leave in Conditioner

Shout out for all u blondies and colour addicts with the crispy ends..yea gurl dont worry I'm with you and I got chu! Summer or Winter this is a must for dry ends. After your done doing your thang in the shower with damp hair apply a small dollop.. yes its a word..about the size of a nickel depending on hair length and work through the hair concentrating on the mid-ends of your hair. you dont want to apply this to the roots of your hair because you get lots of natural oils conditioners from your scalp.  

If you have finer thinner hair in efforts to not weigh the hair down I recommend a conditioning mist as appose to a leave in conditioner, however using a smaller amount of conditioner will due if its what you have.

CHI Keratin Mist

This is also great for those crispy almost straw like ends. I apply my A.G and then I will mist all over the hair, still mainly concentrating on those ends!  this product has proteins, specifically keratin (essentially what are hair is made up of) in it to help repair damaged hair. As a blonde with fine hair I have never found this product to be to heavy or weigh on my hair. 

 St. Tropez instant Glow 

Just because its fall doesn't mean we have to give up that summer glow. I'm not one to artificial tan but this product is perfect for those tan addicts who cant let go of that summer tan or for those casual ladies who just desire a light sun kissed look. This product is applied to the face and neck after washing your face and moisturizing. Perfect for under your makeup or just on its own for those lazy fall days. what I love about this product is that it is washable so your not actually building a tan but simply adding a touch of colour to the face before applying makeup. perfect for brides this time of year and for all those holiday parties coming up in the near future. 

L'OREAL Magic BB Cream

Honestly I feel kind of behind on the times now that CC Cream has made its way to the shelves but BB Cream is still a good staple for fall and makeup bags. it provides a sheer light coverage while correcting, protecting and minimizing. essential for fall with the cold weather to have a foundation thats going to give you extra protection from the elements and provide moisture to the skin in these dry nippy days. 
Tinted moisturizers are also a good route remember this can be done by simply mixing equal parts of your favourite foundation with your favourite moisturizer!

Body Shop Body Butter 
Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream

In the dry seasons its a must to have a good face and body moisturizer any of your favourites will do we want to keep the skin hydrated to prevent dry cracked skin. My favourites are Body butter in Satsuma mmmhmm it smells so delicious and citrusey (not a word) Its a must every time I'm fresh from the shower or just needing some moisture in my life. For face I always use seaweed mattifying day cream however for those of you with dry skin I recommend something more moisturizing. this cream is light and non greasy perfect for those with normal-oily skin. 

La Senza Body Kiss Hand Sanitizer

yes its true cold and flu season is here and with them are the germs. Its always handy to have hand sanitizer around, in your purse, locker, car ect.. great way to prevent the spread of germs and to prevent those germs from making you sick!! Any of your favourites will be good but I like how these are scented in a pretty scent as oppose to that strong alcohol smell. if your really determined not to get sick this year I also recommend a sanitizing wipe perfect for wiping down shopping carts, restaurant menus, door handles and all those places where lots of hand traffic takes place. 

Lip Balm/Conditioners

During this season it is essential to keep those lips moisturized to avoid chapped lips.. eeek. Any of your favourites will do just make sure they keep your lips hydrated, I find some lip products can actually make your lips more dry over time. Out of all the chap sticks, lip balms, ect.. these are my favourites that have stood up to the tests of winter! 

MAC Lip Conditioner, it does what it says and feels so silky on the lips and lasts! its a bit of a splurge but a little goes a long way I have had this product for years and its still going strong!

Booster Juice Canadian Colada lip balm, next time your powering up at booster juice look for these babies on the counter a friend of mine gave this to me and I love it !! so unexpected as it is booster juice but not only does it smell amazing but its so moisturizing!

Soft Lips balm, I got this at good ole Walmart and its good for both summer and winter. I love to apply this on my lips before applying a lip colour to keep lips hydrated and allows other lip products to go on smooth and silky :)

 grab a cup of hot chocolate and cuddle up by the fire ladies happy fall to you all ! 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

beautiful women of Boudoir

hey everyone!!! I hope your all having a wonderful Summer. I know I haven't made any recent posts lately so I thought I'd give you a sneak peak on what I've been up to....warning these photos may encourage you to strut around in your fancy panties...and so you should!!
Photo: Gorgeous Emily at the beach. :) This is her second session with Life After Dark, and I was super happy to see her again!

MUH: Arielle Elliot, Make-up Addiction (Arielle Elliot)

 it me or is it getting HOT in here??

These beautiful women are just a few of the many clients I've had the pleasure of working on along side LIFE AFTER DARK PHOTOGRAPHY. Each of these women have encouraging and beautiful stories to tell and are all unique.
It makes me feel so happy when I see their beautiful faces light up when they look in the mirror after Im finished with hair and makeup. Their confidence radiates and they truly realize just how beautiful they truly are. To me theres nothing more beautiful then a women's body. Each and every curve is a form of art, Gods most beautiful work crafted into each and every strong women. LIFE AFTER DARK PHOTOGRAPHY does such an amazing job capturing the beauty, emotions and uniqueness of each women.
You couldn't tell by the photos but most of these women arrive nervous/excited, for this will soon be a gift to their man, but they leave feeling empowered and confident and realize it was more for themselves. Wether your looking for a special gift for your man or you just want to treat yourself I encourage every women to try this at least once in their lives.
Helen, the photographer behind all these beautiful images is awesome at what she does and makes every women look and feel their best.

 What I love most about LIFE AFTER DARK PHOTOGRAPHY is that these beautiful ladies are not models, in fact most of them have no modelling experience what so ever. These women are strong "real" everyday women, most of them mama's! Helen radiates their beauty and makes them look and feel like rock stars....Victoria Secret models watch out!!

Thanks for stopping by I'll be back with more posts I promise :)
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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sunset magic

For a recent boudoir style sunset photo shoot with the ever talented Life after Dark Photography, I had the pleasure of working with a stunning mama of three, with traffic stopping brown eyes and gorgeous caramel skin tone. And boy did she ever rock that sunset. She was so pleased with her hair and makeup that she had messaged me afterwards asking if I could recommend some products to her. Of course, I love my clients so I was happy to do it. I thought I would share it with you all to..enjoy

 Prime the skin: I used Benefits Pore Professional and applied all over the face.

 Foundation/Concealer: I used Natural FX (Cover Fx) in B-15 all over the face. I used Smashbox High Definition Concealer in Medium Dark and applied this under the eyes, down the sides of the nose, as well as any problem areas such as acne.

Contouring/Highlighting: These products have been featured in my blog and are my go-to's. For almost all of my clients I love to use Blunt from MAC to contour the hollows of the cheeks, below the jawline and down the sides of the nose. Using a chisel brush blend the product in these areas creating a subtle depth to the skin.
I then apply Shell cream colour from MAC to the high points of the cheeks and down the centre of the nose using a sponge or fingers. To lock the cream colour in I then dust Smashbox Soft Lights Highlighting powder, check out my blog post on contouring and highlighting for more tips and tricks.

Powder: To further lock everything in and set the makeup I apply a translucent powder. One of my favourites is Prep and Prime from MAC, Using a large fluffy brush apply this all over the face,

Prime the eyelids: I always prime the lid before applying eyeshadow because it provides a base for the shadow to stick to. One of my favourite primers to use on my clients is Painterly Paint Pot from MAC. Using a brush or your fingers apply a thin layer on the eyelids up to the brow bone.

Eyeshadow: Now the look we were going for this photo shoot was a natural smokey eye. This is what I used to achieve this look.

Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush I took Mylar from MAC and applied it on the lids all the way up to the brow bone. Creating a sheer white tone all of the lid as our base.

Using a flat eyeshadow brush I applied a mixture of Quarry(A plum nude colour) and Wedge(beige nude colour) by MAC all over the lids.

In the outter crease, using a crease brush I applied a mixture of Espresso(deep golden brown) and Charcoal Brown (taupe brown) by MAC

Apply Eyeliner. For the top lashes I applied Onyx by Smashbox. For the waterline I used Teddy by MAC

Teddy(left) Onyx(right)

Over the black eyeliner I always like to apply a black shadow overtop to lock in the eyeliner and prevent smudging. I used Carbon from MAC


I created a soft youthful glow to the cheeks using Fleur Power from MAC. Using a soft blush brush I lightly dusted the applies of the cheeks creating a soft doll like cheek that went so well with her gorgeous caramel skin. 

One of my favourite things about being a hair and makeup artist is seeing my clients light up afterwards. Each and every client is already beautiful before they sit in my chair, I simply use products to accentuate that beauty. 

I encourage all you ladies to check out Life after Dark Photography  on facebook. The photographers are amazing and have such a talent for capturing the beauty in any moment.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Summer Love??

I don't know about you guys but I love summer!!! I love everything about summer especially all the colours that bloom this time of year. The deep greens of the trees, the calming blue of the sky, the saturated pinks, purples and yellows of the various flowers. Summer is a great time of year to play with colour. Wether it be a yellow summer dress, purple flip flops perhaps even a lime green bikini ?? embrace this time of year and show some colour!

                                                  The many faces of Summer!

Because of the heat and all the outdoor activities, Summer is the time of year I wear minimal makeup. I don't like the feeling of makeup melting off my face, besides were all getting our tan on and far to busy out at the lake. Theres no time to worry about makeup and what we look like. Just a simple routine of moisturizer with an spf, mineral powder (if that) cheek colour, and lip moisturizer, to protect from the sun, is all thats needed.

Blush is a great way to add some colour to your summer day look, and for me is the main focus during the summer months because it pulls together a look without putting in to much time and effort. When the sun is shining I'm usually out soaking up every last bit of summer before the fall comes to ruin the party. Here are some of my favourite cheek colours that take the centre stage this time of year. I love using various pinks and peaches on the cheeks because they look great with a tan and add the perfect summer glow. wether your fair skin or dark skin these colours will rock your summer!

Benefit Dandelion:

This is a perfect subtle pink cheek colour that highlights the cheeks and brings them alive! It has a slight shimmer which is perfect for a subtle summer glow. Apply to the apples of the cheeks for a delicate wash of colour.

MAC Fleur Power:

This colour looks awesome on darker skin tones or those looking for a bolder pink. It looks intimidating on the swatch but apply delicately on the cheeks for a brightening rock star summer glow.

Smashbox Soft Lights Shimmer: 

I think I have mentioned this product on my blog before I love using this year round as a highlighter it has to most beautiful shimmer. However in the summer months its a perfect nude pink for those who fear blush. As opposed to applying this directly on the cheeks try sweeping this on the mid-outer part of the cheekbone for a beautiful natural looking highlight.

Bronzed FX Golden Peach: 

I have to say I did not know that cover FX also made cheek colour but they do and like their cover up it rocks. The formula glides on so smoothly like velvet. This has become one of my most used colours lately. Its a perfect coral peach colour that has a subtle golden shimmer. It looks amazing with a golden tan that most of us will acquire in the summer months. This colour will also look great on fair skin tones, adding just the right amount of colour without looking to done up.

Swatches: In order of appearance
Dandelion, Fleur Power, Shimmer, Golden Peach

Simple, easy and to the point...these are great high quality colours to add to your summer makeup routine.

note: Drug store alternatives coming soon. I chose these products because not only are the colours great and saturated but the longevity and staying power of the product has stood up to the test.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Life's a beach....beach hair at home!

Santa Monica, California 2008

Wow I wish I was back here !! I LOVE California, so much I have California tattoo'd on the back of my neck, It was a spur of the moment thing (like most things I do) I got it done while on this trip at LA INK in Los Angeles. Although theres been a select few that have poke fun at the fact that I have a state tattoo'd on the back of my neck, to me its represents all the memories and moments like these...

Ever since I was a little girl my cousin Michelle and I would dream of moving to California and we would have a house on the beach and we each would have a pet dolphin, lol we were very imaginative little girls...although still nothings really changed. I would still love to move there and hopefully one day I will, but at this moment the reality of packing up and leaving my birth place and lifetime home of B.C Canada, is all too real and scary (plus a big move like that requires money and lots of it, which I unfortunately lack of at this moment)
For now California will always be considered my home away from home, I just fell in love with everything from the weather to the people, who are typically from somewhere else in the world. My crazy outgoing personality fits in quite nicely in this neck of the woods I love it!
This was taken at one of the many trips I have taken to California for education purposes I swear! ;) this was for a KMS hair Cutting course.

.....Have you ever took the plunge and moved to your dream destination?? how was the experience ??


The natural, tousled, wavy surfer hair you leave the beach with, always seems to be such a shame to wash away at the end of a beautiful laid back summer day! I love leaving the beach with that beautiful, textural, natural wave thats achieved by the oceans natural sea salt and minerals. Its a great way to go from day at the day beach, to evening BBQ with minimal priming required!  

Wether you don't live near the beach, or its been awhile since you've taken a visit, you can achieve the infamous laid-back surfer hair at home. I love wearing my hair like this on a daily basis! I always get stopped and asked how I did my hair all the time!  I think I could almost pass for a californian beach bum/surfer chick, if it wasn't for my pasty white canadian skin. 

So mix yourself up a mojito, grab your sunglasses and turn up your favourite summer Jams!!!!! (yes I did just say jams) Here are some products, tips and funtasticness (yeah I threw that out there) to give you that SURFS UP look without actually "surfing up" (whatever that means...Now I'm just creating a whole new language :| <- if you can't tell this is my straight face) lol enjoy

Bumble and Bumble Surf spray

This one of my favourite products to achieve beach hair with, its specifically formulated to create that surfer hair look without having to step foot on a beach. This product is great for all hair types, It has a light hold, and matte finish. This product gives the hair body and lots of texture, If your a girl that always has to have soft, run your fingers through you hair; be aware. This product gives the hair a matte almost gritty texture feel that mimics the oceans natural sea salt, which is signature to the beach look.

 Apply and work product through damp or dry hair, spraying product and then quickly scrunching and working the hair to desired texture. Let dry naturally or blow dry using a diffuser, if you don't have a diffuser, lightly blow-dry while scrunching. After scrunching I like to tie my hair into a "messy bun" and let the product dry. When I take my hair out of the bun, my hair is full of fun kinks and waves, then  fluff accordingly, for extra hold finish with a light holding hair spray.

Do it yourself Sea Salt spray!

For all my fabulously frugal ladies out there! (myself included,) this is a perfect substitute to Bumble and Bumble Surf spray, the secret ingredient?? Sea salt of course.

-Plastic spray bottle (dollar store)
- 1 Teaspoon Sea salt. (it has to be sea salt, not table salt)
- 8 oz of water
- 1/2 Teaspoon coconut oil, olive oil, or light conditioner (to prevent the salt from drying your hair out)

**optional 3 drops essential oil

Ylang ylang: Great for sensitive skin and scalp problems.
Rosemary: Great to help deepen the colour of brunettes hair.
Chamomile: Great for brightening blondes.
Tea tree oil: Great for sensitive and oily scalps, If you tend to have oilier hair or dandruff this is the best option because it won't make your hair oilier or weigh it down.
Rose Oil: Aids in hydration

Lemon juice (Naturally lightens hair when exposed to sunlight)

1.)  Remove top from the spray bottle, pour water into plastic spray bottle.

2.) Add sea salt, NOT TABLE SALT. The more salt you add the more crunchy, textured, matte, beachier like your hair will feel. Also be aware that salt does dry your hair out so find a nice happy medium that best suits your hairs needs, try adding 1/4 tsp. at a time until you and your hair have come to an agreement.

3.) To combat against the drying of the hair add a moisturizer. Use coconut oil, olive oil or light conditioner. Be careful not to use to much because it can weigh your hair down. Essential oils can be added for scent as well as offer some extra benefits. Try experimenting with your favourite essential oil based on scent and its benefits. If you have dry or coarse hair this is a good add-in because they will help condition your hair and add shine.

4.) Replace the nozzle and close tightly. Shake the bottle rapidly to mix ingredients and dissolve the salt. Make sure all ingredients are fully mixed and that no oil is on the surface of the water.

5.) Spray mixture into your hair until lightly damp. work,Scrunch,twist, shake hair and lightly blow-dry until desired texture and look is achieved.

                               (Please excuse the not so pretty background..I'm working with what I got)



MOJITO Recipe:....just in case ;)

- Ice
-10 fresh Mint leaves or so..
-Lime wedges
-2 Tablespoons white sugar, or to taste
- Club Soda
- White Rum (if appropriate drinking age of course)

1.) Place mint leaves and lime wedge into a sturdy glass. Use a muddler, wooden spoon or any other crushing device you can find in your kitchen, to crush the mint and lime to release the mint oils and the juice of the lime. Add two more lime wedges and the sugar; crush again to release the lime juice, combining the juice of the lime, oils of the mint and the sugar. Do not strain. Fill the glass with ice cubes and add shot or two of Rum (depending on how you want your night to go) Fill the remainder of the glass with Club soda (sprite is a great substitute, don't add sugar if using sprite) Stir, taste, garnish, enjoy....responsibly of course.

Thanks for coming on a California adventure with me...I had a lot of fun!! ..see you soon..Enjoy..