Saturday, 18 August 2012

beautiful women of Boudoir

hey everyone!!! I hope your all having a wonderful Summer. I know I haven't made any recent posts lately so I thought I'd give you a sneak peak on what I've been up to....warning these photos may encourage you to strut around in your fancy panties...and so you should!!
Photo: Gorgeous Emily at the beach. :) This is her second session with Life After Dark, and I was super happy to see her again!

MUH: Arielle Elliot, Make-up Addiction (Arielle Elliot)

 it me or is it getting HOT in here??

These beautiful women are just a few of the many clients I've had the pleasure of working on along side LIFE AFTER DARK PHOTOGRAPHY. Each of these women have encouraging and beautiful stories to tell and are all unique.
It makes me feel so happy when I see their beautiful faces light up when they look in the mirror after Im finished with hair and makeup. Their confidence radiates and they truly realize just how beautiful they truly are. To me theres nothing more beautiful then a women's body. Each and every curve is a form of art, Gods most beautiful work crafted into each and every strong women. LIFE AFTER DARK PHOTOGRAPHY does such an amazing job capturing the beauty, emotions and uniqueness of each women.
You couldn't tell by the photos but most of these women arrive nervous/excited, for this will soon be a gift to their man, but they leave feeling empowered and confident and realize it was more for themselves. Wether your looking for a special gift for your man or you just want to treat yourself I encourage every women to try this at least once in their lives.
Helen, the photographer behind all these beautiful images is awesome at what she does and makes every women look and feel their best.

 What I love most about LIFE AFTER DARK PHOTOGRAPHY is that these beautiful ladies are not models, in fact most of them have no modelling experience what so ever. These women are strong "real" everyday women, most of them mama's! Helen radiates their beauty and makes them look and feel like rock stars....Victoria Secret models watch out!!

Thanks for stopping by I'll be back with more posts I promise :)
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