Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Depoting eyeshadows :D

Heyy everyone!!
Having eyeshadows organized in a palette is such a beautiful thing both for a make-up artist or for your own personal collection. I've seen and tried a lot of different methods but I find this one is the most convenient and easy way. so lets get started :D

Heres what you'll need

Eye shadow in pot
Nail file or anything with a flat point
Palette of your choice 
Magnetic tape: can be purchased at dollar stores or craft stores.
Step one.)
Plug in your straightener and set it on a low to medium heat (if thats an option for you). With the lid of your pot open place the eye shadow on your straightener and let sit for about 30 seconds to a minute, so that the glue holding the eyeshadow in starts to heat and loosen. keep a close eye on it and using the pointed tip of the eyeshadow poke the bottom of the pot to push the inner metal pot containing the eyeshadow upwards.
 Step two.)
When you feel the glue is loosened enough use the pointed tip of the nail file around the rim of the metal pot to remove the eyeshadow from the pot, be sure to be gentle and use finesse with this procedure because we don't want the eyeshadow to crack or break. you can also remove the label with the same procedure and place the label on your newly de-potted eyeshadow. Place a piece of magnet tape at the bottom as well and taadaaa a new member to add to the palette. :D 

Continue this procedure with all your desired eyeshadows and arrange them in your palette however your little heart desires.

 To me having all my assortment of colours arranged in my palette reminds me of a painter and thats exactly what a make-up artist is, a painter, with the face as our canvas there are endless opportunities your imagination is the only thing holding you back and thats what I love about this industry.

Big hugzz and happy de-potting 
xoxo Relish ;)


  1. I'm so jealous of your palettes Rel! You have so many more colors than I do! But I'm getting there! I just booked three more weddings last night!! :D

  2. oh darling i started out with just two mac eyeshadows n the rest is history.. I told you imma a makeup addict lol :O three weddings!! thats great look at you go thats amazing i've been doing mostly photo shoots to build my portfolio. take lots of pics of your work n blog!!!!