Monday, 7 November 2011


Have you ever noticed celebrities always have a flawless complexion. There cheekbones always well defined, under eye circles gone, luscious lips. Well here's a little secret, its all the illusion of makeup.



Makeup has the ability to transform a face giving it a whole new structure just with highlighting and contouring, also known as shading, certain areas of the face. Shading features you want to recede and drawing attention to features by highlighting. The typical rule of thumb is any feature you want to make recede shade a darker colour such as hollows of the cheeks, temples, under the chin, sides of the nose.

lol its a nice face it know ;) but here I'm just demonstrating the areas of the face you typically want to shade or contour using foundation, concealer, brown eyeshadow, or a bronzer with no shimmer! looks scary and confusing but all you need to remember is blend blend blend! with a sponge, fingers, brush ect. However keep the darker colours in the these general areas.
 Countoring the hollows of the cheeks slenderizes the face and allows your cheekbones to stand out. Contouring down the sides of the nose slenderizes the nose and makes it appear straight. shading the temples gives the illusion of a smaller forehead, and lastly shading under the chin and down the neck slenderizes these areas as well.


See! all blended and notice how much definition and colour it brings to the face. Our face isn't just a flat surface its dimensional, and has high and low points that the sun naturally hits more then others. So covering it with just one colour will make you look lifeless, dull and flat.



Light colours highlight and make things come forward bringing attention to these areas. The apples of the cheek, under the the eye, the brow bone are typically the ares you want to highlight. Here I've used concealer to demonstrate the areas, but I find shimmer and pearlized powders work great. I usually use Shell cream colour from MAC. But you can also use a light shimmer eyeshadow. 
Applying your highlighter down the centre of the nose works with the contouring to slenderize and straighten the nose, highlighting the tops of the cheeks bring attention to your cheekbones, Highlighting the brow bone as well as the inner corners of the eyes, brighten and bring attention to the eyes making them the main focus point of the face. Simply dust your shimmer powder on these areas with a blush brush. If you notice I applied a bit of concealer above the cupids bow of the lips, this makes the illusion of fuller lips without the botox!!


Now you know all the secrets to achieve a flawless face. Try these techniques and play around with your features. Once you know your face and your structure using these techniques to your advantage will get easier and easier. No matter what look your going for a flawless face is essential! 

Good luck and get your flawless face on!! 


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