Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Organizing your make-up

When it comes to organizing your makeup there is so many options and ways you can turn your vanity of overcrowded makeup into a sanctuary of peace. I was currently so frustrated with the way I have been storing my makeup for years that I opted to find a better way, and I think I succeeded !!!
I have stored my makeup in everything from Pencil containers, 1$ store baskets, Walmart containers, at one point I even went out and spent almost 200$ on a cute wooden cubby hoping that was the answer to all my problems...it wasn't.
Before...what I thought was the answer to my makeup storage problems..now..it holds my hair tools ;)

A couple weeks ago I was in Michaels Kraft supply store and what caught my eye from across the store was the answer to all my makeup storage problems!

This baby is made for storing craft supplies but not any more!! I've completely organized all my personal make-up and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I bought little plastic containers from the dollar store that fit into the four individual drawers to better organize my products. This storage unit was on sale when I purchased it but I believe they run around 50$ kinda steep I know but it was well worth it for me, considering I did spend an abundance more on what it now my new hair tool cupboard.

If you've been as frustrated as I have been with your makeup being scattered everywhere, filling up your makeup bags which leads to broken powder and eyeshadows :( or slowly creeping into your boyfriends side of the counter then I definitely recommend getting one of these babies. They come in a simple white, which gives you the option of personalizing it and making it your own. I will be jazzing mine up with glitter, sequins, bejewels, possibly a nice painted pattern..haven't quite decided yet.

Happy Organizing !!...what are some of your makeup storage solutions ??

peace love and makeup 


  1. Rel I love this post! makeup storage can be so frustrating!!


  2. I know!!!!! I've tried everything to keep my makeup in an organized fashion. I was so frustrated until I found this baby :D