Monday, 19 December 2011

DIY-Last minute Christmas presents.

Christmas is so close !!! doesn't it feel like it crept up on you?? me...
Here is a cute christmas present that is perfect for your girlfriends, co-workers, secret santa....
Everything here I made and got from the dollar store so it is a very budget friendly gift, yet shows that a lot of love and thought went into making it.

First off purchase your choice of coffee mugs from your favourite dollar store, I chose ones with simple decoration that I amped up using porcelain paints I got from Michaels, they are awesome to have around for project like these. They are about 6$ and come in a variety of colours, after your done painting your mug, you bake the mugs in the oven which makes the paint dish washer resistant. I just chose to personalize each mug by writing my friends names on the rim.

Now you have cute personalized mugs that can be filled with all sorts of FUN! , candies, chocolates, truffles, candy canes,cookies, fudge ect.. the sky is the limit. I love baking and creating delicious treats, so I chose to make peanut brittle, chocolate truffles, butter crunch toffee, and short bread cookies to fill these cute mugs. Its something that everyone can appreciate and enjoy. 

After making all my goodies I packaged them in plastic bags and decorated with some ribbon.
scrunch tissue paper and filled your mug half way, that way your treats will stand above the rim. Fill your mugs with your desired goodies.

Take two pieces of tissue paper, set the mug in the middle and bring all sides up, tie with ribbon and add your finishing touches. with christmas just around the corner your ready for whatever the holidays bring. You can make multiples of these on such a budget and everyone will appreciate the thought and love that went into making these. 

Get creative with your mugs and give them personality. You can do anything from a simple name, or get really creative and personal and write the individuals favourite quote, nickname, insides jokes, ect..

have fun and very happy holidays!!!

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  1. What a cute gift idea!!! Thanks for sharing!!!