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Rehab for the dry,damaged and lifeless..hair that is

With all the colouring, blowdrying, straightening, curling, teasing, sun exposure that goes on amongst us. Dry damaged hair is inevitable these days. Heck even daily activities such as combing hair, sleeping  and harsh weather conditions are just some of the culprits to dry damaged hair...so whats a girl to do..hide from the elements and not sleep?? Nahhh little drastic don't you think??

I have been colouring my hair like most of us since I was a teenager. Before attending hair school I was so brutal with my hair, I would colour it literally every other weekend just for something to do, I get bored fast and always craved a change, which usually resulted in my friend mackenzie "box dying"(drug store colours) my hair on saturday night sleep overs.
I've gone from blonde to black and back again...once had green hair..not by choice lol. Long story short my hair has suffered over the years and it wasn't until attending hair school where I learned how to properly care for my hair. Heres my recommended products and at home remedies to help take on dry damaged hair. These are some products and home recipes I have stumbled across over the years, working in the business at Salon's and with clients who have enjoyed these products as well...enjoy :)

AG Fast Food leave in hair conditioner: 

I stumbled across this leave in conditioner when I was in high school a.k.a the peak of my hair neglect. I hated my hair so much it would literally take me half an hour to brush out the tangles..until I found this stuff :) It contains silk and keratin proteins which builds strength and elasticity to the hair. Aloe extracts also offer therapeutic, moisturizing and healing properties. I recommend this for anyone with thick, coarse, thirsty or curly hair(which naturally tends to be more dry) I have fine hair which can be weighed down by conditioners but I just use this in my ends where the damage is and I love it!!! If you have fine hair like myself I recommend using a quarter size amount just in your midshaft and ends where moisture is needed, applying this product to close to the scalp may weigh your fine hair down, if so just use less product and concentrate more when needed.

Bumble and Bumble DEEP :

This is one of my favourite products. It's is more so a treatment then a conditioner. It contains a protein feast of wheat proteins, pro vitamin B5, soy protein and sunflower oil. So whats with all the protein you ask?? well our hair is composed of 88% protein and therefore needs protein to stay healthy and shiny. Use this treatment once a week for 20 mins as directed. Be sure to only leave it in for a maximum of 20 mins with heat and thats it!!! Yes our hair needs protein but like most things too much of a good thing can be harmful. This product is so packed with protein that if you left it on for a longer amount of time your hair would 'O.D' on protein so to speak. When the hair follicle becomes to packed with protein it will swell and eventually break. If you don't have time to do the whole 20 mins just use this as a conditioner once a week and leave in for 2 minutes or so in the shower.

I use to work in a salon that only used Bumble and Bumble and I can see why. Their products are amazing.  The line was developed in New York City and are made with high quality ingredients to accommodate whatever hair type or style you rock. They are so unique in everything they do and are no strangers to the business. Their products were developed for the need of signature editorial photo shoots and runway shows. Their passion is seen in their work and their high performance products which are all about versatility, layering and providing a unique texture and effect you desire and love.

AG Deep conditioning treatment:

1 Part AG Stimulating Balm
1 Part AG Deep condition
1/2 Part AG Liquid Varnish

Alright people I'm about to let you in on a huge secret!! Have you ever gone to a salon to receive a deep conditioning treatment? you know; where they apply a deep conditioning treatment, enriched with the smell and tingle of peppermint to your hair and scalp, give you a good massage working with the treatment to stimulate circulation to the scalp, which promotes hair growth. Then bag you up, stick you under the dryer, Wash you out, blow-dry, style the whole shebang!! Sounds expensive..and depending on the salon, will charge up to 50-60$$

If the Salon you received this treatment at carries AG hair products this is the deep conditioning treatment you would have received and for the price of that one visit you could have the supplies to treat your hair with this treatment every week. All are great products not only combined but on their own as well.

note: Also try making your own version by mixing one part of your favourite conditioner, a couple drops of peppermint oil and a touch of your favourite defrizz serum.

However just because theres a wide variety of products available on the market to repair your damaged hair; doesn't mean you can't fix something up from your own kitchen. A lot of daily household items you keep in your kitchen can also be used to conquer dry damaged hair. 

Bananacado (Banana+Avocado) Deep Conditioning Treatment:

1 ripe banana
1 ripe avocado
1 tablespoon olive oil
optional: few drops of essential oils such as lavender,rose,jasmine act..

1.) Mash all ingredients together in a blender or with a potato masher.
2.) Shampoo hair, comb out and bowl dry. Apply mask to the hair, including scalp if desired, feel free to just use on the ends. wrap hair in a shower cap, old plastic grocery bag, or saran wrap and let sit for about 15-20 minutes (longer if you'd like) For more intense moisture lightly blow-dry around the plastic cap applying even low heat, this opens up the cuticles of the hair allowing the oils to better penetrate the hair shaft.
3.) Rinse mask out in the shower. To prevent clogging up your drain, I advise to cover the drain with heavy duty paper towel, old wash cloth, coffee filter, to catch the banana and avocado chunks. After thoroughly rinsing hair, turn the water to cold just for a second just to allow the cuticles of the hair to seal and lock in the moisture.
4.) Blow dry and style as desired.

** Avocado is rich with oils containing vitamins A,D and E.
** Bananas are rich in potassium, natural oils, carbohydrates and vitamins that helps in softening the hair and protects the hairs natural elasticity.

Sunflower Oil Treatment: 

Sunflower Oil
Warmed wet towel

1.) wet hair in shower. Apply a quarter-size amount of sunflower oil to your scalp. Massage into scalp and comb the oil through to the ends of your hair.
2.) Wrap hair in a turban with the hot, wet towel for up to an hour. Rinse and shampoo thoroughly.
3.) Blowdry and style as desired.

** Sunflower Oil is a wonderful natural moisturizer with smoothing, emollient properties
(emollients are lubricating agents that have a softening effect and prevent water loss) and is considered noncomedogenic (won't clog pores) it also contains an omega-6 fatty acid which are essential to healthy hair.

COCO LOCO once a week deep conditioner:

1 teaspoon lavender oil
1 teaspoon coconut milk

1.) Combine and mix the two ingredients. Apply and massage the mixure into your dry hair before your beauty sleep, rinse the next morning to reveal soft, healthy looking and feeling hair.

** Coconut milk contains a high level of Omega 3,6 and 9 fats; along with high amounts of amino acids and vitamin E, the perfect 'food' for hair.

Some Causes of Damaged hair:

Heat styling: Heat breaks down and cracks hairs cuticle and withdraws moisture leaving hair dry and brittle. To prevent damage caused by heat styling invest in a good quality thermal spray to apply before using styling tools. However new technology such as ionic technology found in latest flat irons and blowdryers work with heat to help restore, so when your in the market for a new flat iron or blowdryer, look for a model with this technology.
EVA NYC styling tools

Harmful chemicals: Such as bleaches, perms, relaxers swell the cuticles in the hair in order for them to work, this also wears down protein bonds in the hair which is the key ingredient that keeps our hair strong and healthy. When colouring hair regardless there will be damage however keeping hair strong and "fed" using a weekly hair mask or deep conditioning treatment after procedure will help repair and restore hair in its weak state.

Harsh Weather Conditions: Environmental conditions effect hair all year round and cause hair to become dry, brittle and prone to breakage. During the summer the suns UV rays break down the protein in our hair. During the winter months there is less moisture in the air, cold winds tangle and causes the cuticle in the hair to become rough.

Friction: The constant rubbing of hair against a surface causes breakage. Even the friction against your pillow while you sleep or using the inappropriate comb for brushing can result in damaged hair due to friction. To prevent breakage use comb as opposed to a brush especially when hair is wet.

How do you tame your mane??

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