Friday, 17 June 2011

depoting lipsticks..yayy!!!!!

Heyy everyone!!
 is your lipstick collection taking over !!!! tubes of lipsticks everywhere you go, in your purse, in your car, various drawers of the bathroom and scattered all over your room! well i have a solution :D yayyy!!! how bout changing your tube of lipstick into a pot!!! why genius!!!
Having your lipstick in a pot is not only more sanitary for your clients but it makes traveling a lot more easier. you can do this with your own personal lipsticks as well. so lets get started..

things you will need:

Stackable pots - you can find these at a dollar store, drug store or when in doubt wal-mart :D I found mine at a dollar store in the first aid section, you can also use a 7 day vitamin container if you cant find any stackable pots.

Lipsticks you wish to depot: any brand, any colour!

Paper towel and Q-tips: just in case things get messy ;)

Butter knife or a make-up spatula: to scoop out the magicalness in a tube that is lipstick.

Blowdryer: to melt the magicalness into the pot.

lets do this :D

step 1.) layout your pots and lipsticks so that you know which lipstick will be going into which pot. be sure to stay organized so you know which colour is going into which pot for labelling later on.
Step 2.)  Using your butter knife or spatula cut the lipstick into the pot. Then use the spatula or knife to scrape the access lipstick contained within the tube into the pot as well, you don't want to waste any of that magical goodness. be sure to wipe the lipstick off in between colours.

Step 3.) Take out your blowdryers ladies and have them hot hot hot ;) blow the hot air directly overhead the pot that contains the lipstick within 5-10 mins (depending on the lipstick) the lipstick will begin to melt, i have to admit it stings a little to see it melt so sadly but it really is quite pretty :D when its half way melted stir with the tip of your knife ever so gently, while still heating with the blowdryer. tap the pot every so often as well to make a nice even layer of lipstick. you want the lipstick completely melted and smooth texture. 
After, heat the bottom of the lipstick tube that you have just melted for about 30 sec and using your butter knife peel off the label and stick to the bottom of the pot. this way you know which colour it is for next time :D 
Repeat this procedure for each individual colour, then place individual containers in the fridge for about 20 mins or until hard and taadaa!!!!
Now your overflowing drawer of lipsticks has become a stackable paradise, which means room for more!!  When working out on set or with a client having lipsticks in pots is not only more sanitary but it makes it easier to find the colours your looking for.
If theres a colour you cant seem to find why not try making your own??  get creative and experiment by melting two different colours of any brand together to customize your own shade . No one around will have the same colour as you!!you can also collect your empty MAC lipstick tubes and return them as part of their recycling program.

Happy depoting :D  I'll see ya next time

Peace..Love..And Make-up
    Arielle Elliot

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  1. I love it! I haven't ever tried this but may just have to do it! Thanks for the post girl!!