Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Do it yourself- Feather earrings!

Hey everyone!!! so as you can probably notice I've been given'r in the arts and crafts department. I LOVE! arts and crafts. It's such a great way to get your creative juices flowing and keep you busy during the rainy snowy months of winter. I have been addicted to creating anything out of anything! some people drink smoke, party.... I do crafts.. I guess you can call me a Crafthead ;) lol now moving on from my lame jokes to my latest crafting addiction making your own earrings keep reading I got your fix ;)
Keep going ...

Here's what you'll need:  Everything here I got from my favourite dollar store but most of this can be found at a craft store.

  • Earring hooks (I dun really know what their called lol, the part that goes into your ear)
  • Fine jewelry wire (this one is 15 gauge, it's what the dollar store had, feel free to use what you can find)
  • Scissors ( For various cutting and trimming)
  • Various Glass beads of your choice 
  • Craft Feathers of your choice in colours 
  • Small fine needle nose plyers ( I just used my fingers but you may need these)

1.) First start by Cutting two pieces of jewelry wire (one for each ear..obviously) at about 3-4 inches, this really depends on what length you want your feathers to be.

2.) Take the wire and hoop it through the end of the earring hook at about a quarter of an inch or so. Using your fingers, twist the smaller piece of wire around the bigger end of the wire very tightly so that it is secured to the hoop of the earring hook. 

3.) Take the beads you have selected and pull them through the wire to the top of the earring in your choice of pattern. After you have pulled the last bead through and placed it to where you want near the top of the earring hook, take the end of the wire and pull it up and around through the top of the last bead. This will secure the bottom bead in place, therefore securing all the above beads in place as well so that they don't slide down. Use as many or as less as you would like, whatever you think looks best.

4.) Take the feathers of your choice and wrap the end of the wire VERY tightly around the end of the feathers in the same manner you did at the beginning. This is where the needle nose plyers may or may not come in handy. I just used my fingers just remember to wrap the wire around very tight and secure so that the feathers won't come out. This is why I chose to use jewellery wire as opposed to anything else, the wire holds it's shape well and does all the work as long as it is very secure and tight. Feel free to try securing it afterwards with a small strip of black tape, maybe wrap it with some glue from the glue gun?? use your imagination!

BAM! Can you believe its four simple steps and you got yourself a pair of one of a kind feather earrings!
You don't have to stop there as always I encourage you to get creative, make mistakes and get messy!!
thats the best part of craft time, it's your time there are no rules and theirs no such thing as a mistake. 
Try using different shapes and colours of beads and feathers and let your imagination run wild. My boyfriend even had to agree that these were pretty cool. At this pace I'm sure a few of my friends will find a pair of these babies in their stockings this christmas there so easy and cheap to make and they look beautiful!

Happy Crafting Everyone :D



  1. Cool DIY!

  2. thank you :D be sure to keep in touch for more fun DIY!! more on the way!!