Sunday, 20 November 2011

Product review-Full coverage foundation

Hey everyone!!!!!
Iam here today to introduce you to one of my all time favourite FULL coverage foundations. We all know that the essential part of any work of art is a well prepped, clean canvas to work from. Makeup is no different.
There are hundreds of foundations out on the market today with various coverages and formulations. Your typical everyday foundation is usually a sheer to medium coverage foundation, designed to give you coverage without your complexion looking "cakey" however sometimes these foundations don't meet the needs of people with certain skin conditions like redness, scaring, acne ect...

Let me introduce to you vichy derma blend corrective foundation. This stuff is FULL coverage, when I say full 
coverage, I really do mean it. This foundation is very heavily pigmented as it's specifically designed to cover
and correct certain skin conditions. It is hyper allergenic so it won't clog pores and for a full coverage foundation it 
doesn't feel heavy or cakey at all! I stumbled across this stuff at my neighbourhood drugstore where Vichy productsare sold. I had a photo shoot so I needed a good full coverage foundation for photos I discovered this stuff and
haven't looked back!
Like I mentioned it is a full coverage foundation and therefore may not by practical for everyday use, so for day looks I simply use a touch of this to my everyday moisturizer to create my own tinted moisturizer. A little goes a long way with this stuff so be careful not to use to much or it can be hard to blend because it it such a thick pigmented formulation. There are some cons to this foundation, the colour choice is very limited and it can be a bit more pricy then your typical everyday drugstore foundation. Given the coverage and how little you have to use i think the money is well worth it. This stuff is perfect for when you need a full coverage without it feeling greasy or cakey. It works great mixed with your daily moisturizer to create your own tinted moisturizer with good coverage as your everyday foundation. I definitely recommend this product if you need more coverage for redness, acne, scars act.. or for performance or photography where  full coverage is a necessity. 

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