Monday, 28 November 2011

MAC-Advice from a Pro

Hey everyone :D I just wanted to share with you what I had the pleasure of attending this past sunday. When you are a MAC cosmetics Pro member you are qualified to take various masterclasses held on by MAC taught by various senior MAC artist who are well known and respected makeup artist that have worked in all aspects in the industry and have traveled the world working on TV, runway, Celebrities and everything in between.

The class I attended was "Makeup is art," teaching the concept of an "organic" way of doing makeup. and demonstrating that makeup doesn't have to be all beauty and glam but can be used as an art form. I was quite pleased to attend this class because thats exactly what makeup has been to me for years. Not just a way to bring out a women's beauty and confidence but can go beyond that. With makeup their are no rules, no boundaries, No directions or guidelines. It truly can become an art form,with the human body as the canvass. I always encourage to get creative because at the end of the day you can always wash it off.

John Stapelton was the MAC senior artist that took us on an amazing journey through this class. Demonstrating his organic approach to makeup, and sharing with us all this tips, tricks, inspirations and his insights and stories through this competitive industry.
John Stapelton has been with MAC for 16 years and has traveled the world working with well known names in all aspects of the industry. I have to say I LOVED! this class, it was so inspirational to hear from someone that shares the same passion and outlook on his work, and he was super friendly!!! To be honest I was pretty intimidated to meet someone with such talent and who has built such success in the industry however he encouraged questions and I was very excited to have had a little chat with him after the class. I got his insight on the industry and as a young makeup artist how can you make it and stand out. He continued to say "work hard!, be honest, inform people of your intentions and your goals and to just be young and be a star!"
We all gathered at the MAC store on Robson in Vancouver! (ps. it was the grey cup was in vancouver and the BC Lions won!) The room was filled with many excited, anxious, passionate individuals all displaying their own unique style. John was introduced and as we all clapped and cheered he introduced himself and began to share with us everything he knew about the industry. He was very personal with his stories sharing with us where he gets his inspiration from and how he approaches a client and a look.
The look he did today was inspired by a painting by Camile Rose Garcia, who is one of his inspirational artists. He continued to take us along on this journey of bright neons colours, intense contouring, dark dramatic homemade pieces and of course glitter! showing that he doesn't really know what "he's doing" but that he's just working organically building the look as he goes . After  many applications of airbrushing,  Paint, Neon pigments and glitter!! the look was complete. Although it isn't a look you'll be seeing on the runway anytime soon it truly was amazing. Makeup is like painting and like art so get inspired and be creative! If not with your makeup, he suggested keeping some water-colour paints around and to just "do whatever, no ones going to see it but you." So this is what I encourage all of you to do. Paint, draw, craft, cook.. release your inner artist and ease the mind with creativity. Creative Therapy??
 the inspiration..painting by Camile Rose Garcia 

What inspires you?? Is it a painting of a particular artist? music? magazines? nature? books? ect..
Look for inspiration everywhere and have fun with it!

Happy creative therapy

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