Sunday, 20 November 2011

DIY-Trash into treasures

It's Sunday!!! a.k.a CRAFT DAY !!! yes this is the day where I put on my fuzzy pink slippers, my black with silver star house coat and I craft like it's nobody business. Todays inspiration started with me cleaning out my fuzzy pink jewelry box that I've had since I was a pre-teen, containing jewelry I've also had and have never worn since I was 13. Instead of letting it sit there unworn and collecting dust for another 8 years I decided to revamp and give them all a makeover, transforming them into something new.
The before: A collection of all my old treasures that have been neglected and are in need of revamping.

Subject 1.) This is a large decorative pendant that fell off the middle of one of my favourite black v-neck shirts. I still wear the shirt pendant less and me being the little hoarder Iam kept the decorative piece for a rainy day. I never knew what to do with it until today. Today were revamping it into a original hairpiece.

Here's what you'll need:
                 Recycled decorative pendant
Black craft feathers (optional)
Thin Jewelry wire
Glue gun
Thin black head band

To give this future hair piece a bit more edge and decor I decided to add some black feathers. So my first step was to glue the black feathers to the back of the pendant. I kept the feathers minimal and simple so it will accent the piece without over doing it. 

After your happy with your pendant the next step is to simply glue the piece to your headband in the position you'd like it to sit on your head. I decided to give it more stability by wrapping and securing small pieces of the jewellery wire around the headband and pendant.

Before: A plain simple hairstyle 

After: Re-vamped and fabulous

Subject 2.)  This is a netted floral decorative piece that had also came off another one of my shirts, I  had also tucked it away for a rainy day and today it will be transformed into another fabulous hair piece to add to the collection. hair pieces are a great way to recycle and reuse while having the potential to vamp up, accent and orginalize (a made up word from yours truly) any outfit.
Here's what you'll need
Netted flour
Glue gun
Hair piece
Red feathers
I wanted to add something more to this simple black netted flower piece so I decided to add red feathers to accent and vamp up the black. 
Turn the hair piece over and glue two or three red feathers to the underside, I also tucked and glued the longer pieces.
After simply just glue your flowered piece to the hair piece in the position you would like it to sit on the head.
No Iam not naked I have a tube top on. 
What was once a decorative piece of a shirt is once again transformed into a fabulous hair piece. I love black and red together I think this colour combination is very sensual and sexy. This will be a perfect hair piece to pair with a classic little black dress and sexy black pumps.

Subject 3.)  A collection of bracelets that have been neglected over the years and are in need of a transformation.
These bracelets have been neglected for to long so I decided to recycle the beads and transform them into...
A elegant beaded necklace with matching earrings, I even had beads left over to create other goods :D
sorry I don't have a step by step for this one it's a bit more complicated to just put into pictures and words but if you keep in touch I will eventually be turning all my DIY blogs into tutorials for youtube :D

Subject 4.)  I've had this necklace with matching earrings for years and have worn them maybe once, and I only have one of the earrings because I lost the other one. 
So I decided to give this piece a makeover and decided to transform them into....
I kept one of the earrings and I decided to piece apart the necklace and create another earring with more length and feathers to it. I cut the necklace to the length I wanted and added the earring hook using jewellery wire. I also attached the feathers to the middle and end of the earring using jewellery wire. I still have some of the remaining necklace put aside for a rainy day.

Subject 5.)  These are various necklaces I've literally had since I was 13 and have never worn. I decided to cut them and use them for their beads to create other pieces.
This is what I've created so far with the recycled beads
Notice the metal beads, metal stars, and the pink beads from the necklaces above. And the pearl beads are from the previous bracelets.

Subject 6.)  Since christmas is around the corner star decorations are everywhere. I purchased this gold sparkly star from the dollar store but I didn't buy it to decorate for christmas but to give it some originality and hang it year round in my house. (I like stars :D I have Purple, Pink, Turquoise and LIME GREEN! stars tatoo'd behind my ear)
Now you can't really go wrong with gold and sparkly but I decided to take it to the next step and give this star some Relish swagger. I like bright pastel colours, Lime Green being my favourite colour of all times, Purples, fuchsias and turquoises quickly following the list. I decided to go for a aquamarine colour for this particular star. 
Aquamarine is created by mixing blue and green together, I love mixing paint and making your own colours. Colour theory in general is such a fascination to me. Being a hairdresser you learn all about the colour wheel and colour theories and how colours can complement each other and also neutralize each other. When purchasing paint all you need is the three primary colours (colours that cannot be created) Red, Blue and Yellow. You have these three colours in your craft box and you can make any colour by combining them for example. 
Color theory 101
Combine all three primary colours and you make Brown.

This is the colour I came out with. I have to be honest I did want a brighter pastel aquamarine colour but I like the subtleness of this. I hope to do a couple more in pink and purple.

 I love recycling old treasures and turning them into something new!  Or even giving new items some originality. Find inspiration anywhere and I encourage you to go through your old treasures and give them a makeover. Its a great way to recycle and get your creative juices flowing, and when people complement you on your fabulous one of a kind treasure's you'll proudly be able to respond "thanks I made them" 

                                                                             Happy Sunday!!!

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