Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Product review-Benefit Pore Professional

I have recently stumbled accross Benefits Pore professional mainly because I love trying out new products. This product can be used before applying your foundation, like a primer. Or can also be used over your foundation to help soften and "shrink" your pores (as the women at the cosmetic counter ensured) When I applied this to my face the first thing I instantly thought was "Wow this has such a great texture," lol let me explain....Iam so picky when it comes to putting lotions or creams on my face...I hate anything heavy, greasy, oily or "suffocating" to my skin. I didn't think this at all with this product! it went on so smooth and creamy yet light, translucent and clean, I was very impressed.

As for the Pore "shrinking," well..despite all the face cleansing ads out on t.v that claim their products will "shrink your pores." The fact is that pores are incapable of changing size...they will always stay the same size and will not physically "shrink." Your pores can open, close and appear to be minimized by using products but will not shrink. This being said lets give a big hand of applause and top our hats off to BENEFIT. for being up front open and honest saying right on the packaging to minimize the appearance of pores. This product although obviously did not magically "shrink" my pores. However It definitely softened them making them appear soft and not as noticeable, with a almost airbrush look and feel. I have only used this personally on myself but will be trying it out with my future bridal clients.

 Using a primer under your foundation is a very important step to ensure that the skin is well prepped for foundation. It allows the foundation to last longer without slipping, protects the skin from damaging free radicals, fills in any fine lines or wrinkles for a smoother application, and with some primers that contain silicone will absorb oils throughout the day help keeping your makeup fresh. Applying your day moisturizer before foundation will also act as a primer for your skin.

If your in the market for a new primer and want to try something new like me, I would definitely recommend Benefits Pore Professional...... what are some of your recommended primers???

RELISH RANDOM TIPS: when washing your face. cleanse using warm water to open the pores and clean out all the impurities. after all the cleanser is rinsed turn the water to super cold and splash the cold water on your face, this closes the pores keeping them squeaky clean ;)

The same rules applies with your hair. If you have really hot me... the cuticles (outer layer of your hair) open allowing the shampoo to cleanse the hair (however if you have coloured hair this may also cause your hair colour to fade quickly) When conditioning rinse the conditioner from the scalp only and let the conditioner run to the ends(where its mostly needed), turn the water to cold and rinse with cold water. This will close the cuticles with the conditioner in the ends, resulting in smoother hair.

Update: I have since been using this product on myself as well as my clients and I still love it!! This is my go to primer for all my brides, grads, runway models ect.. I have gone through many tubes of this stuff and my clients all love it! They always mention how smooth and silky there skin feels, after I've applied this primer. I have even used it on men for HD shots. This product gives the skin such a smooth silk like texture, I absolutely love it!! it makes applying and blending foundation is effortless. Thank you benefit as always you rocked my socks off!!!

how have your experience's been...did you fall in love like I did??


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