Saturday, 3 December 2011

DIY- not your average French toast

I know I know.. French toast has nothing to do with makeup. However cooking is also a great opportunity to get creative and try new things, wether its adding a different spice to a dish or changing it completely the kitchen is a great place to get creative too!!! I love cooking!!! Ive been cooking since I was just a wee little mom never did much cooking, so at a young age I taught myself how to cook so I wouldn't have to eat the Macdonalds she usually brought home for dinner. I love cooking as opposed to eating out. For one its way more wallet friendly and I love how I know what is going into my food and that I can control the flavours.
Today's kitchen adventure started as another ordinary saturday morning, I decided I was in the mood for some French Toast for breakfast and as I proceeded to the kitchen to whip up my french toast I realized I WAS OUT OF MILK!! AHHH my disappointment slowly started to sink in but the creative lightbulb in my head went off in my head and as I opened my fridge door I grabbed Vanilla greek yogurt and one egg, my journey started there. Your typical French Toast recipe is usually egg, milk, vanilla and cinnamon. Since I didn't have milk or vanilla or cinnamon I had to get crafty heres what I came up with and let me tell you it is fantastically delicious!!!

  • One egg
  • Two or three spoonfuls of Greek Vanilla sure you can use regular yogurt but I had greek style in my fridge.
  • A couple teaspoons of Baileys or Carolines liquor (a creamy liquor typically added to coffee)
  • Thick texas style toast, any toast would work though.
Mix all ingredients together into a dish or bowl until it is a creamy consistency, dip your bread into the mixture on both sides and place onto a preheated buttered skillet and cook until golden on both sides. Taadaa deliciousness awaits you just add butter and syrup and your good to go. Or get creative and create your own condiment to go on top.

So next time your in the kitchen try adding a little something to your favourite dish and get creative

proudly enjoying my delicious creation

other times I'v gotten creative with food.....
Brushetta, basil, and goat cheese on crackers, not totally original but they sure are delicious little biscuits ;)

Stuffed Brushetta zucchini with breaded parmesan crusted zucchini sticks
Ice cream with coffee liquor, peaches, chopped nuts and fresh mint leaves.
...the best recipes I find are the ones where I just "wing" it and have no recipe to follow. but start off slow get creative and when it comes to cooking sometimes a few simple changes are best. 

what are some of your creative recipes ???

Happy times in the kitchen 

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