Sunday, 4 December 2011

Oprah, Designers, jewellery...what a weekend!

hey everyone :D.....what did all of you get up to this weekend?? go to a party? see a movie?? spend time with the important people in your life???....well this is what I got up to this weekend..

Friday: Oprah!! Did full makeup for a beautiful Bride and her wedding party..but it was something much more then that.. this beautiful bride will be featured on Oprah's network january 22. She has been through so much and our local community thoughtfully gave her and her husband the day of her dreams, a day they've been trying to plan for years but given certain circumstances was out of their reach.. I was very fortunate enough to be a part of this beautiful heart touching day for her and her family and volunteered my services so that her beauty radiated on her special day. Tune into Oprah's network channel for this beautiful brides story and happy ever after ending, and more touching stories about the local community of Aldergrove B.C, Canada.

Saturday: Bling Bling? Instead of going out for a night on the town I decided to stay in and let my creativity have a ball....heres what I created...some of my friends may just find these under their tree's ;)
what started out as this 
Became this...  
After power-crafting for a couple hours I finally ended the night, still more treasure's in the works..keep in touch for the tutorials on how to create the above creations.
(If interested in purchasing any of these fantastic pieces made with love..please feel free to contact me)

Sunday: A Special Designer... Today I had the privilege with working with a young, local Vancouver designer doing hair and makeup for his latest photo shoot. Tommy is such a talented self taught designer with such creativity and such a positive spirit and an impeccable eye for detail. Instantly meeting I felt we were going to make beautiful images together. Tommy likes to volunteer his time at a local shelter teaching beautiful strong women to make jewellery, I admire this about him so much and I became even more excited to be a part of this project.  Bringing out self esteem, confidence, and a women's natural beauty is the best part of what I do, and I'm always very excited to be a part of that moment when a women finally see's and realizes that she's beautiful! We met at a local shelter in downtown Vancouver, todays models were two beautiful young women who have been living at the shelter. Not your typical agency hired models, these women were beautifully real, with no previous modelling experience. Neither of them have never had their makeup done before so I was very excited to take them along on this beautiful journey. Tommy wanted a very specific look. He wanted the ethnicity of their skin to shine through, with a very neutral eye and bold black liner. Hair was a simple chic ponytail. I had a lot of fun working with the team today and I look very forward to the upcoming fashion show of which I will be participating backstage as a hair stylist keep in touch :) the meantime here are a couple behind the scenes of the day...

Please check out his amazing work....

Yasuhiro Tomita
Vancouver, B.C
Designer at Rukus

RUKUS new age / new edge: 
Group Exhibits KIRA KIRA :

Special note: for all you local vancouverites (I think thats what were called) 

All proceeds to the show go to vancouver homeless shelters. come see some local 

talent and support your community.

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